Going Bald and Don’t Know What To Do?

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Being bald is not necessarily a bad thing. Being bald earlier than the normal stage or phase, is what you need to worry about. There are some solutions or options which might be able to help, so read on.

The non-surgical solution is to wear a wig that matches your old hair colour and contour/shape of your face.  More often than not, wigs are always obvious and sometimes, this poses huge psychological anxieties . When someone wears a wig, people can’t help but stare thus embarrassing the wearer. There are also plenty of  things you won’t be able to do. One is swimming coz you definitely can’t wear one or else suffer further embarrassment coz your wig will be left floating while you are diving deeper. When it’s windy, you always need to hold your head as if something is going to fly with the wind. Running will make the wig “jog” and be moved from its original place. The heat underneath it, makes the other good hair die too.

When medical technology improved, hair replacement transplant became available. It is the medical solution to a full head without worrying about falling bunch of hair or flying hair. You can even take a shower or swim in the pool or beach with your natural hair. It will grow just like the rest. Not everybody can perform such procedure. If and when you decide that you finally wanted the benefits of a real hair, go for someone who has been in the business for so long that they have already accumulated hundreds of satisfied clients.

You will get to enjoy the beauty of your natural hairline. In no time you will be combing and styling it the way you used to before wearing the wig. You can then give your wig away or keep it as a souvenir. Later, you can tell your story to people who are experiencing the same dilemma. You will be able to inspire them with what you have gone through and after the successful operation. You no longer have HIV (hair is vanishing)!

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One thought on “Going Bald and Don’t Know What To Do?

  1. I have a form of alopeca. I didn’t even know until I went for a haircut. There was a large bald spot. Luckily the hair grows back but it’s pure white. Anyways Viviscal really works.That and the OTC minoxidil.

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