Dazzle your BER Months with Careline’s Blythe Stardust Highlighter Palette

Careline's Blythe Stardust Palette
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Anything sparkly, shiny and bright has the ability to get one into a festive mood. Now that we are well into the Ber months with holidays fast approaching, we should allow ourselves to enjoy the season—even more so during these very trying times—while it lasts.

Blythe Cosmetics by Careline helps give you that boost to perk you up, give you confidence, or simply get you into the holiday spirit with these fun make-up hacks you can try using the Blythe Stardust Highlighter Palette (P275):

As an eye make-up: While highlighters are known to be applied on the high points of the face such as the cheeks, bridge and tips of the nose and cupid’s bow, it can also be used to make your eye make-up standout even more! Apply your preferred Stardust Palette shade above and below the eyebrows to enhance the shape of the brows and accentuate the eyes and face. You can also dust on the corners of the eyes to open them up and make them appear bigger and brighter.

As a concealer:  Did you know that you can also use highlighters to cover the dark circles of the eyes? To achieve this, go for the pearly white shade or pinkish tone in the palette and dab under the eyes; then apply your favorite concealer on top of it and blend into the skin to make it look seamless.

Careline's Blythe Stardust Palette

On the lips. On the days you get to expose your lips, be sure to make it stand out by dabbing it on before or after you apply your gloss or lipstick. Also, apply some on the cupid’s bow to give the illusion of a plumper lip. 

On the skin: If you feel as if your skin looks dull and pale lately, a quick application of highlighter on the skin can easily make it look healthy and fresh. You can mix it with your favorite lotion or moisturizer or you can directly apply it on your collarbones, décolleté, shoulder, and arms. You’ll surely dazzle when the sun hits your skin!

Bring a sparkle into your life these ber months by trying these highlighter hacks using the Blythe Stardust Highlighter Palette available on Careline’s official Lazada page (bit.ly/BlytheLazada). To know more makeup tips, visit and like Blythe by Careline on Facebook (@blythebycareline) and Instagram (@blythecosmetics).

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7 thoughts on “Dazzle your BER Months with Careline’s Blythe Stardust Highlighter Palette

  1. Dami po pala gamit nitong highlighter palette na ito.. ako po kase di marunong sa make up kaya di ko po alam na may mga ganito po pala para kapag gusto i enhance saang part na nakikita eh pwede po ito..

  2. Ang ganda naman ng palette ni careline super ganda at lakas makaganda nito pag ito ang gamit mo ito talaga ang brand na gamit ko sa face ko dahil super ganda at ang gaan nya sa mukha parang hindi ka nakamake up

  3. Nice bet ko Yung sa dark circles sa eye’s ilagay since Hindi ako nawawalan ng dark circles sa eyes ?❤️

  4. Wow , very affordable pero ang ganda ng Blythe Stardust Pallete 🙂 .. Will definitely gonna try this and thank you for the tips on how to boost self confidence this s perfect for me dahil di ako masyadong tiwala sa sarili ko ..

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