Confusion Diner: Not Your Ordinary Homemade Dishes

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Great food and presentation, affordability, convenience and location are just a few things we look at when scouring for new places to dine. My sons are picky-eaters and doesn’t like to try new restos, so it’s kinda hard when the whole family is on a day-out. But, as hubby and I love to try out new places and food, sometimes the boys just don’t have any choice but give in, lol.

Recently, I was invited to check out this latest hang-out near our village. It was on a weekend so the 3 boys (including hubby) wanted to come along. They were supposed to have dinner some place else but we found out that one of the owners is a friend of my husband. So, they ended up dining there too.

 Confusion Diner

Anyway, this roadside restaurant is called Confusion Diner. No need to be confused because it’s simply a Filipino-American fusion with a homemade twist. Though if you wanna know what the name signifies, here’s their explanation:

What is Confusion? ‘Con’ is Spanish for ‘with’ and the red ‘F’ represents the Filipino touch – FUSION of the Filipino element.

They’ve recently added American favorites yet still with Pinoy twist, food that’s going to be intriguing unless you go there and try ’em all out.


If you live in the South of the Metro, this is one place you shouldn’t miss to visit. It’s inside BF Parañaque and along the busy Aguirre Avenue. If you’re familiar with the area, you well know that it’s booming with different restaurants and other commercial establishments. A really hard place to choose where to eat because you’ll be overwhelmed with the many choices. Thanks to the internet, reviews like this can help one pick the best places like Confusion Diner!

Let’s not keep you waiting, here are the different dishes we’ve devoured (lol) and can’t simply get enough of:

Confusion Diner Menu

Even the Menu is homemade and simple. You definitely won’t get confused at the minimalist approach. No pictures per item but you will surely be intrigued by each description, then you’ll be confused while craving and drooling because you’d wanna order them all!

Confusion Diner Sisig Quesadilla
Homemade pork sisig folded in a crisp white tortilla with melted cheese and mango salsa. Price: P160

This Sisig Quesadilla is to die for! I love, love Sisig but I don’t like the taste of onions. They’ve added ripe mangoes and the twist somehow made eating onions easier for me. In fact, I didn’t even taste a hint of onions! The combination of ingredients blended well and even the slight tinge of chili was perfect! This plate is good for 2 persons and trust me, you don’t wanna eat more than 2 coz it’s a bit heavy and you still have to taste a whole lot more!

Crispy squid Calamari served with garlic ranch dip.
Price: P180

Truly crispy on the outside and when you get to the squid ring, it’s nothing like those usual rubbery, hard to chew and swallow calamari. This is perfect with a bottle of your fave beer, either munching alone or with friends.

Fish and Chips – Britain’s well-loved street food goes head on with Pinoy’s favorite smoked milkfish. Price: P185

I saw on the other table where my family were seated that they too ordered this. My kids loved it! Those herbs surely made a difference, no fishy aftertaste at all!

Loaded Potato Chips topped with mouth-watering chili longganisa and cheese sauce. Price: P150

You gotta eat this fast coz the melted cheese will grow cold and somewhat greasy. But once you get your first bite, you won’t stop ’til there’s nothing left.

Tocino Wings breaded and crispy fried tossed in tocino dressing and served with malunggay pesto. Price: P160

I can finish this whole plate, it’s that scrumptious! But then I have to watch out my cholesterol level, lol. Sweet yet balanced by the pesto sauce. This is a MUST-TRY!

Baked Fish – creamy, cheesy goodness! Price: P200

The best Dory I’ve tried and it didn’t even taste like “malansang fish”! The time it was served was perfect coz I wasn’t full yet but already “drooling” from all those dishes I’ve tried. I was suppose to just pick on the fish but it was so good that I had to eat it with rice, hahaha.. I even went to my hubby’s table and had to tell him that he has to try it the next time we stop by.

Melts in your mouth too and the sauce mixed with cheese and herbs are simply irresistible and I can’t forego the rice!

Sriracha Ribs served with chili on top, mixed vegies, rice or mashed potato. Price: P350

I’m actually not a fan of anything spicy or with chili but this too is an exception. Gee, only Confusion Diner made me try something a bit hot and honestly liked it! Easy to slice, not hard to bite and chew, you can taste a sudden burst of different flavors! Serving size is pretty much in tune with the price.

Sriracha Wings crispy and tossed in hot and flavorful Sriracha sauce. Price: P160

If you want something hot then this is it! Best taken with a cold bottle/glass of beer to quench that heat! If you’re not a drinker then make sure you have a cold water or beverage beside you coz the aircon might not be enough to slow down the heat building in your mouth, lol.

Ribeye Pares served with home grown sauce, mixed vegies, rice or mashed potato. Price: P300

By this time I was almost full but still had some space to taste this flavor-upgraded ribeye. Perfect combination with mashed potato, every bite dipped in their special sauce.

House Blend Iced Tea P60/100, Strawberry P130 and Choco Milk Shakes P100.

Nothing beats the heat than drinking ice cold beverages! The Iced Tea can be taken with or without the syrup. Drank it as is and still tasted great but if you want it a bit sweeter, add the syrup then.


The Strawberry and Choco Milkshakes didn’t just look delicious but also one you must not let pass when you eat at Confusion Diner. Creamy, they didn’t scrimp on the syrup and look at the prices! Ridiculously low!

Mango Mousse rich, creamy, not too sweet. Price: P120

If you’ve got a sweet tooth order this one. It’s creamier than most similar mousse I’ve tried, a bit sweet but just right, affordable too!

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Price: P120

Huge serving, good for 2-3 persons and for that price! Made from not your usual pancake covered in caramelized syrup, topped with a slice of pineapple, vanilla ice cream and cherry. Too sweet for me but it didn’t stop me from cutting a portion to taste. Incredibly toothsome!

Confusion Diner Choco Lava
Choco Lava Price: P120

Last on my list is this yummy dessert. As you can see, the above image is not my own (thank you, Eens!). Why? because I’ve forgotten to take a picture and immediately devoured it, lol. It’s that delicious that I wanted to order another one but decided not to coz I’m already so full! Vowed to myself that I will return to Confusion Diner and will order this again hahahaha.

Gosh, I didn’t realize I’ve already typed 1,201 words and counting coz I’m not done yet LOL!

The dishes, beverages and desserts listed above were not the only ones in their menu. There are MORE! We just can’t handle any additions and that’s actually good coz at least we have other dishes to try when we go back.

Can’t stop myself from craving now not to mention drooling again while doing this post. That’s how satisfied I was in all aspects! I just hope they continue serving this way, non-commercialized, affordable, homemade from the heart!

Only thing I saw that needs improvement? I guess a bigger parking lot coz when customers flock in, there’s no more space to park. Well, unless they transfer to another bigger location.

Thank you for having us, Confusion Diner! We’ll be back for more!

If you wanna try Confusion Diner:

231 Aguirre Avenue
BF Homes
Parañaque City

TEL (02) 5109209 MOBILE 09772820209

OPEN Mon-Sun: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm



Visits: 40

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