Cream Silk Transformations: Be One of the #ModernFilipina

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I refuse to have my long locks cut off to a short bob or even shoulder length whenever I go to the salon, so I always have it trimmed max is 2 inches only, lol.. Why? I personally think I look younger and better with long hair, nothing more. But since I have stubborn, unruly, frizzy, dry and chemically treated blonde hair, cleaning it has become a tedious part of bath time. I only shampoo my hair twice a week since I don’t go out often but condition it every single day. Imagine me spending half an hour just to wash my hair, ridiculous right? But, that’s all true! I hate dandruff, that’s why, lol!

It’s a different thing when it comes to drying and combing, this part I like coz my hair becomes more manageable, soft and smells so nice! It’s no secret actually coz I’m pretty sure most women know these products, and I’m damn sure that like me, you hoard too hahahaha..

Cream Silk Transformations

I keep stock of Cream Silk Treatment Conditioner variants coz my hair has various moods too. If I just had it colored, I’d use the Damage Control or Dry Rescue. For those days that I want my hair a bit straighter than usual, I’d use the Standout Straight treatment. There are days when I’m so stressed at work and I’ll see a lot of hair strands after shampooing, I’d immediately grab the Hair Fall Defense conditioner.

Cream Silk Transformations

Here’s a recent pic where I used the Cream Silk Dry Rescue Daily Treatment:

Cream Silk Transformations

Image on the left – ’twas so dry, dull coloured, split-ends here and there, difficult to brush, looks like a broom actually, lol. On the rightmost image, lesser dryness and split-ends, my highlights popped out, was able to brush and style – most of all, I looked happy!

So, how can you be part of the Cream Silk Transformations and be one of the #ModernFilipinas?

Cream Silk Transformations Heart Evangelista

Simple! Just use or continue patronizing Cream Silk!

Be an influencer and an inspiration to others and let the whole world know that you have transformed into one beautiful, confident and empowered woman of modern times!

And because Cream Silk, the number one hair brand in the Philippines, together with the Philippines’ top magazines, continues to champion every Filipina’s journey of transformation, they will launch Cream Silk Transformations: Spotlight on the Modern Filipina, a glamorous, empowering and inspiring activity-filled event this coming January 23, 2016.

The one-day affair, to be held at the World Trade Center tent will feature several areas hosted by MEGA, Preview, Metro, Meg, Yes, and Cosmopolitan. Attendees will be able to explore the whole venue, attend a variety of workshops presented by their favorite magazines, and experience their own hair transformations at Cream Silk’s special booth.

Cream Silk Transformations

As the new year 2016 marks the beginning of new hopes, new promises, and new ambitions, we all strive to be the best versions of ourselves. We constantly try to find ways of going beyond beautiful, and transforming ourselves for the better to become the woman we aspire to be. Gone are the days of the Maria Claras, as women are slowly climbing up the ranks and embracing bigger and better roles for themselves. Today, the Modern Filipina has become both a spotlight and a beacon. She has evolved into a fearless and trailblazing individual determined to realize her dreams and make a positive influence in the world.

Every woman has the capacity to transform herself and unleash her beauty and become the woman she wants to be — and Cream Silk, with industry experts from each publication will show them how. The event’s workshops aim to empower the Filipina and equip them with confidence to maximize their assets. Just like how Cream Silk has been designed for the Filipina, to transform any hair into beyond beautiful hair, enabling them to conquer more. Topics include fashion, beauty, confidence building and hair care.

Aside from that, Cream Silk will also be introducing a strong lineup of Modern Filipinas, women who embody the traits and characteristics of the Modern Filipina to serve as inspiration, each being on the verge of their own transformations.

For the first time ever, the no. 1 hair brand in the Philippines and the top magazines, bring you the first ever live cover shoot experience. With this, event attendees will get to witness the transformations of the new generation of Modern Filipinas, who will surely make their mark this 2016.

Event guests will head out transformed with beauty and confidence to inspire, create, and make a mark in the world. Doors open at 2 PM.


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