Is It Peaceful to Live in Long Island?

Long Island Redfin
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Long Island is just a short stretch away from the other boroughs and allows you to live the big city life while getting the room to breathe and a distant view of that gorgeous skyline.  Although many people consider moving to Long Island, many people are held back by their preconceived notions of what the area is like.  They assume it’s way too expensive or that it’s not too different from living in the city and give up before they even glance at Long Island houses for sale.

Low Crime Rate 

Despite being so close to a city with one of the worst crime rates in the country, Long Island’s crime rate is far lower than the national average.  This gives the people living in this borough some peace of mind.  Although it’s not country living, and people don’t generally leave their homes or cars unlocked, being able to walk down the street at night or leave your windows open while you sleep can be a massive relief for those who want to live comfortably.

Long Island Redfin

Better Schools

Long Island has a long tradition of topping lists for the best schools in the nation.  Not only does this borough have a lower rate of students per teacher, but it also has the funding needed to ensure the staff is well paid and the facilities are top of the line.  Out of the top ten schools in New York, six are in Long Island.  This means that you can raise a family here without having to drive them anywhere for a good education and that they’ll have the tools available to start an incredible life.

Nassau County Aviation Committee

In 2019 some locals on Long Island realized that the planes had started flying lower, and the noise and disruption of these flight patterns were ruining their quality of life.  After this council met and agreed, they were able to petition politicians to make changes, and now planes don’t fly as low anymore.

This example may seem random, but it’s a fantastic note of everything this community is willing to do together.  By talking out what’s going on and getting a move on it, they were able to solve the issue together and make the space more livable.  People on Long Island care about the other people on it, and it shows.

Long Island Redfin

Final Verdict?

If you want the hustle and bustle of city living, you can have it: but it’s not in Long Island.  Peaceful living, comfortable nights, and fun days are what this borough has to offer.  The people who live here are happier, the schools are better, and the air quality is cleaner than living in the city itself.  Long island is the place to go if you want to live a more leisurely life where things can move at your own pace.  Luckily, if you ever need to get away, the city is just a car ride away for fun, excitement, and way too much noise.

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