Just Thai: Homestyle Meals at Affordable Prices

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Experienced Thai cuisine last Monday night and what do you know, I loved it! I usually snob anything with chili, but that time, I was hooked! Lemme show you why and by the end of this post, pretty sure you’re drooling and craving for Just Thai

Just Thai Restaurant

I’m a sucker for anything homemade, homestyled or home cooked just because I hardly cook anymore lol. My trigger-finger coupled with carpal tunnel syndrome has prevented me from washing hands nor doing the laundry and cooking has taken the backseat too.

Anyway, the branch we visited was in Molito Alabang. Place is very spacious and can accommodate groups, even parties plus you’ll get that authentic traditional Thai ambiance and experience.

Just Thai Molito Alabang
Photo: Just Thai Molito Alabang FB Page

Let’s get to the dishes served. Warning though – it will be HOT! HOT! HOT! as you scroll down! Well, not exactly distinct, chili awful hot coz all servings were modified to accommodate my humble request and so appreciate it.. Thanks, Kathy Kenny 🙂

It’s actually a first time for me at Just Thai… but after those sumptuous dishes consumed, I’m sure I’d be back with the fambam. Oh, don’t worry, there’s something for kids too!

Just Thai Tom-Kha-Gai-Soup
Tom Kha Gai P190

This Thai Chicken Coconut Soup is a perfect starter because it will perk up your senses, getting your palate ready for the next course. First taste I was kinda taken aback coz there was a mild hint of chili but as I scooped for more, became bearable and I actually enjoyed it! It’s creamy, full of flavor, perfect if you are suffering from colds.

Just-Thai-Pla Muk Tod Fried Calamare
Pla Muk Tod P320

I stay away from Fried Calamare simply because it’s hard to chew, feels like you’re chewing on rubber lol. Waited for this serving to grow cold because that’s when you’ll see if you’ve got a good deal here. Surprisingly, it was soft and easy to chew plus you can taste flavor on the squid itself! I was expecting the usual result, but this time, got to eat a few pieces more.

Just-Thai-Moo-Grob Crunchy Pork Belly
Moo Grob P280

Crunchy Pork Belly, one of my all time fave especially with a bottle of cold beer! Yep, it’s crunchy alright, had fun eating the skin but stopped after I think 3 pieces, not that I have high cholesterol nor hypertension, lol. Just wanna control my (diet cheating) consumption hahaha.

Just Thai Crab Meat Fried Rice
Crab Meat Fried Rice P220

‘Twas good meeting you, Crab Meat Fried Rice lol.. I actually just ate a spoonful and with all the previous flavorful appetizers, I had to beg off. Don’t wanna be full when there are plenty more dishes to try.

Pad Gaprow Talay P280

Known as Seafood in Basil, the very first dish that really sold me to going Thai again the next time and it was truly delectable! Gosh, soon as I put that very first mussel in my mouth, my taste buds whirled in excitement coz it was so soft, melt in your mouth “tahong”! Didn’t notice if it’s chili, mild only or not coz different flavors suddenly invaded my sense of taste and smell, gone haywire perhaps! Skipped the other seafood though coz there’s another seafood dish up next.

BPlah Meuk Gkratiem Manao P300

Name of the dish is quite hard to pronounce but it’s actually Squid with Garlic & Pepper. A bit hot for my taste but quite tolerable thus I was able to eat at least a few pieces. I think there’s a hint of lime in the sauce which would’ve taken the “lansa” out and blended well with all the herbs and spices.

Gai Tod P220

Thai Fried Chicken that became my next fave of all the dishes I’ve tried! My boys can tolerate the spices added on this dish so I’d definitely order 1 for each kid or they’ll go berserk if sharing just one piece, lol. Crunchy skin, and the marinade seeped into its meat thus more flavorful every single bite!

Pad Thai P280

Sweet and spicy noodles sprinkled with peanuts, why not? The lemon was the balancing factor and made it through smoothly down my throat hahaha.. Hubby will definitely love this version of one of the most famous street food in Thailand.

Khao Niao Ma Muang P260

Fresh Mango Over Sticky Rice will definitely remove all the hot feel in your tongue, throat and tummy, lol. It’s sweet, really sweet with the natural sweetness of the ripe mango plus the sticky coconut rice. Would love to eat some more but it’s a kinda heavy dessert so I just contented myself with the mangoes. Besides, there’s one more dessert to try.

Tha Kho P140

Coconut Pudding is one dessert that you also shouldn’t miss when you dine at Just Thai. Not as sweet as the sticky rice but what sets it apart is that it melts in your mouth. Just an advice, don’t order both desserts at the same time coz the base ingredient for the two is coconut. Or if it can’t be helped and you wanna try both, eat the pudding first so as not to overwhelm you once you try the sticky rice.

I ordered Lemon Grass Juice but would you believe that I forgot to take a photo of it? Hahahaha.. I think I mostly drank water to “extinguish” the fire building up inside me lol and for fear that it would only make my tummy rumble with all the chili and coconut fusion.

Well, it was just my first time with an all Thai food served in front of me. Bet the next time, me and my tummy will be more prepared hahahaha.

Overall, greatly enjoyed this new Thai experience! The food, the staff, the character and atmosphere, food preparation, waiting time, price – all deserve a thumbs up!

Thank you Just Thai and the staff for accommodating a first timer and my “not too spicy” request. I’ll be back! 🙂

Just Thai

Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang
Tel. No. 808-4058
Forbestown (Burgos Circle) Fort Bonifacio
Tel. No. 403-8718

Website: http://www.justthaicuisine.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Just-Thai-194210380589164/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justthaiph/

Visits: 46

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