Kotex Supports Women with 200K Sanitary Product Donations

Kotex COVID19 Donations
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Kimberly-Clark’s Kotex remains committed to supporting Filipinas in their times of need amidst the enhanced community quarantine due to the threat of COVID-19 in the Philippines. One of the country’s leading brands for sanitary protection products has heeded the call to support medical frontliners and vulnerable communities, donating 200,000 sanitary pads to nonprofit organizations and public hospitals in Metro Manila.

In line with its pledge to deliver the best skin comfort and protection to women, even while enduring a pandemic, Kotex has distributed nearly PHP 2 million worth of Kotex Natural Care pads, supporting women in at-risk areas, medical workers, gender-based groups, and new mothers across the nation. 

“As a company that prides itself in producing personal care essentials, we remain committed to support nationwide efforts to address this health crisis,” says Michael Vainio, General Manager of Kimberly-Clark Philippines. “Access to feminine hygiene products is currently harder due to limitations in mobility, resources, and time. Through our donation, we want to help ensure the accessibility to these necessities so women can safely manage their menstruation with dignity during these trying times.”

Providing support to communities that need it the most

Kotex is working with Power In Her Story, a self-identified feminist publishing house that addresses the needs of urban poor women, PWDs, gender-based violence watch groups, day care center workers, and female community leaders. The brand helps provide sanitary pads to the Power In Her Story Collective Caring packs, which are being distributed to the most vulnerable towns of the country.

To extend the assistance to other underserved communities in Metro Manila and across the nation, the brand has partnered with I Support the Girls, a global women-led collective that works hand-in-hand with the Religious of Good Shepherd to provide menstrual hygiene products and other essential goods to vulnerable women and children. Kotex also tapped Project SMILE, a youth-led initiative providing items to marginalized families, street-dwellers, and blue-collar workers in remote areas all over the country, leaving no one behind.

Kotex COVID19 Donations

Helping our frontline health workers and new moms

To assist with the immediate dispatch of products for frontline medical workers in public hospitals, Kotex is working with Frontline Feeders PH, distributing sanitary pads to medical workers nationwide. Products were also delivered to Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, Ospital ng Makati, East Avenue Medical Center, National Children’s Hospital, Valenzuela Medical Hospital, and Taguig Pateros District Hospital to help medical staffers and new mothers through the ongoing crisis.

“A woman’s monthly period shouldn’t add to her worries, especially during this time,” shares Ann Avellaneda, Senior Brand Manager of Kotex Philippines. “In moments like these, we want to ensure that Kotex does its part in empowering and protecting women – from our selfless frontliners, courageous community leaders, down to loving mothers.”

On the other hand, Kotex assures consumers of a steady supply of its feminine hygiene products, such as Kotex Luxe, Kotex Soft & Smooth, Kotex Super Overnight, and Kotex Fresh Liners in supermarkets, drugstores, and retail outlets as the country undergoes enhanced community quarantine. Distribution to over 700 stores nationwide continues, ensuring that stock on hand remains sufficient throughout the situation.

With over 50 years of championing Filipina women, Kotex remains steadfast in empowering women to face challenges head-on. With its assistance to women in need and heroic frontliners, the brand hopes that it helps in the growing call for support and addresses women’s needs in today’s health crisis.

For more updates about the COVID-19 initiatives by Kotex, visit Kotex’s Facebook page.

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  1. Thank you generous people who continue to make a difference and lend their helping hand to everyone whose in need.You are our Real Modern Heroes..God Bless you all ?

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