Looking for an Awesome Swimwear for Summer 2011?

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It’s summer time and what’s best to do during this season? Well, what else but go on a vacation where there’s a beach or pool and an ice cold whatever you wanna drink,lol. Or you could plan on an out of the country trip where snow or cold weather is expected.

Some women are having a dilemma on what to wear on the beach, be it for a swimming attire or just to parade their great bod for all to see. There are many stores in the Metro but not all of them can offer you the most desirable piece (or 2,lol) that you think and feel will perfectly fit your taste (and literally,lol).

So, I’ve come up with some styles, taken from the net of course *lol*, so you can use your imagination and “see” if it will look great on you.

Samut-Sari Samut-Sari Samut-Sari Samut-Sari

The above swim wears are stunningly beautiful and definitely shows more flesh. If you have the guts and possess that coca cola shaped body, then this will surely fit and look good on you. If I have that, I’d definitely flaunt it!

If you’re a little conservative, shy or doesn’t have what it takes to wear swimsuits like those above, don’t fret, coz there are other styles which would also look great on you. Forgot to shave or is not fond of wearing one which emphasizes the bust or crotch? Then the styles below would be much appropriate looking.

Samut-Sari Samut-Sari Samut-Sari Samut-Sari

Here are some fashionable cover ups to wear on top of your swimsuits:

Samut-Sari Samut-Sari Samut-Sari Samut-Sari

A year (or 2) ago, this was what I wore when we went on a family summer outing:

Samut-Sari Samut-Sari

I didn’t take off my shorts because I don’t have “IT” and I remember that it was after my yearly Brazilian stripping and there were red blotches all over so I decided not to pursue an ambitious wish, *lol. Now I don’t know if that swimsuit still fits *lol.

Never mind that, I have my own inspiration. Looking at the photo below, makes me wanna go back to the gym and burn all the calories!


Hey! At least they have the guts and they don’t care what people will say.

So, what do you think will be your style this summer?

** Credits: All photos belong to their respective owners.**

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5 thoughts on “Looking for an Awesome Swimwear for Summer 2011?

  1. This is a “biased” choice but I would go for the violet one! 😛 And top it with the black cover up. Hehehe. How I wish I would even have the luxury of going out and swim….. 🙁

  2. I love the first four swimsuits! Looks great. I admire people who can wear those fab pieces and not caring about what other people think about their *guts*.

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