Martine Cajucom – Newest Face of Ever Bilena

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Ever Bilena welcomes Martine Cajucom as its newest endorser. She’s part of the “It Girl” tv series and a cousin of Georgina Wilson and Isabel Daza. Beautiful, smart, vibrant and very stylish, the model-entrepreneur currently runs a growing eyewear business.

Ever Bilena welcomes It Girl Martine Cajucom

Martine is very happy working behind-the-scenes. Moving back to the Philippines after living in L.A. for several years, she never thought that she would one day have fashion and beauty gigs just like her equally popular cousins Georgina Wilson and Isabel Daza.

Whether she’s in comfortable work wear or all-dressed-up for a glittery event, trust Martine to stand out from the crowd. “I have an eye for color and this has always defined my personal style,” says the newest endorser of Ever Bilena Cosmetics. “This is something people easily notice when they see my profile or my made-up look.”

When you scroll through her Instagram, you’ll see her retro, sometimes whimsical, images. A naturally visual person, she took up Journalism in college, focusing on photo journalism. “But there were also a lot of writing, media, and design”, she says.

She attributes her personal style to life experiences – her travels, her love for the color pink and her “colorful and full of life” family. “I am very feminine, and pink to me is a color that feels alive,” she says.

Martine says she immediately fell in love with Ever Bilena’s matte lipstick the first time she tried it. “I bought an entire set. I thought it had the best matte formula.”

Truly enjoying the brand Martine is thrilled to try more products. “Ever Bilena has a broad array of different shades and colors which undoubtedly will match any look”.

An “It Girl” who knows what she wants, Martine is delighted to be part of the Ever Bilena family. “This is exciting for me because beauty has been something I’ve always been passionate about,” she says. “Ever Bilena has become a lot more modern in the past five years since I first tried their product and I’m so happy to be part of that movement.”

To see more of Martine and learn more about Ever Bilena’s products, visit Ever Bilena’s website,, and follow their Facebook page,

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