Watsons #HappyNewYou for a Happy New Year!

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This 2018, I vowed to myself that I will try my best to live a healthy life. I’m not getting any younger and the only path to take is healthy living for me and my family. I guess if you love your self, you’d do anything to make YOU happy and healthy, right? I also want to reinvent myself this year, not too drastic just a change in hair color maybe coz I’ve had darker shades last year. Maybe blonde, ash brown shades, a color leaning towards granny medium gray coz my whites are really annoying me more and more each day hahaha… I want to embrace the fact that my hair grows mostly gray already but I also don’t want to look like a grandma.

And Watsons came just the right time with its Happy New Year, Happy New You event recently! It’s basically about helping consumers narrow down choices to aid in their journey to a healthy lifestyle, reinvention, and beauty.

Watsons #HappyNewYou Happy New Year

I guess most of us have a lot in common – our New Year’s Resolution to be healthy, correct? But we also break it the minute we crave for something “unhealthy”. Right again, am I? Funny but if we really want to live healthily we should stick to the plan. But (again?), it’s so damn hard to always follow the rules, hahaha

So, just always think to “Love Yourself” and your conscience will guide you and Watsons will be there to support with the right health supplement brands such as Cosmo Body, Euphoria Maxx, Organique Acai juice, Belo, Avalon, mySlim, Now, TruLite and more! Whatever your goals, Watsons has something that can help.

Watsons #HappyNewYou Happy New Year Health Supplements

As for reinvention, it’s a thing that most people want in their lives, you know, just to change things a bit, or for some, something drastic. Watsons also offer that New Year’s New Look that would help you change your appearance. Spending hours in a salon can be time-consuming and for those who don’t have the luxury of time can’t afford to waste precious hours waiting for a new look.

With hair coloring brands such as Liese, L’Oreal Excellence, Revlon and Bigen, you can easily color your tresses fast! There’s also Pantene shampoo and conditioner to take care of your hair and Lolane Freestyle Gel Spray to style it.

Watsons #HappyNewYou Happy New Year Hair Color

I’d love to try this new Liese Blaune Golden Brown shade before I finally have it done in granny gray.

Watsons #HappyNewYou Happy New Year Liese Blaune Golden Brown

Watsons also cater to many cosmetic and skincare brands such as BYS, L’Oreal, IN2IT, Seoul White, Snow, Olay, Ponds, Neutrogena, Cetaphil and more. A lot of choices really if you are into makeups and taking care of your skin. I’ve tried most of these brands and I have my favorites 🙂

Watsons #HappyNewYou Happy New Year

Watsons #HappyNewYou Happy New Year Skincare

Watsons #HappyNewYou Happy New Year Skincare

Watsons #HappyNewYou Happy New Year

A simple change can make a big impact on your life! Once you learn to make time for yourself, love yourself more, you’ll see the world differently. With a little help and the right products from Watsons, you’ll be looking good and feeling great in no time. So stop by for a visit and see for yourself- 2018 has great things in store. Until then, Happy New Year and Happy New You!

Great news for SM Advantage Card members! A total of 1,000,000 shopping points will be given away by purchasing any participating product with a minimum amount of P500.00. Per DOH-FDA-CDRR permit no. 003 series of 2018. The SM Advantage Card is available at any Watsons store or at The SM Beauty Section. At Watsons, members get more! Check more updates on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/WatsonsPH/

About Watsons

Watsons is Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer, currently operating over 4,800 stores and more than 1,400 pharmacies in 11 Asian and European markets, including China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau), Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

In 2002, A.S. Watson Group joined hands with SM Prime Holdings Inc., the Philippines’ leading shopping mall developer. Watsons caters to a variety of lifestyles with an unrivaled diversity of products, with a mission to help people around the world to look good, feel great.

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