Meycauayan Jewelries: Elevating Client Experience with Handcrafted Jewelry, Great Customer Service

Meycauayan Jewelries Cadena
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Since its establishment in 2019, Meycauayan Jewelries (MJ) has kept a strong commitment to constantly improve and refine its product designs and services. Fine jewelry pieces such as diamond engagement and wedding rings are no simple purchases. MJ recognizes this, and the value of the money and time that couples invest to have the perfect pair of rings to wear on their most awaited day and every day thereafter.

            “… a personalised customer experience to ensure that every client invests in the right (jewelry) piece.”

The perfect piece of jewelry possesses both quality and value. For MJ founder and CEO, Maria Aleta Dionisio, it is the brand’s responsibility to help their clients find the perfect fit for their style and budget. “At Meycauayan Jewelries, we offer a personalised customer experience to ensure that every client invests in the right piece,” said Dionisio. She also highlighted the importance of consumer education in building customers’ trust and confidence in the brand. 

Quality and Trust are key values for MJ. The brand is anchored on these principles and the zeal to preserve the traditional art of fine jewelry making. The whole MJ team regularly invests in professional development and skills training in order to give its clientele the best possible customer experience. MJ’s CEO is a trusted Applied Jewelry Professional (GIA AJP) with extensive knowledge in Colored Stone Essentials, Diamond Essentials, and Jewelry Essentials; and all the sales staff are GIA-trained. 

Meycauayan Jewelries Elena

Meycauayan Jewelries is not only about the price; but more so about the intangible values attached to every jewelry piece that the brand creates, such as heritage preservation, innovation, and the brilliant craftsmanship of Meycauayan jewelry makers who all devote a great amount of time and effort into their craft to create masterpieces.

MJ is commissioned mostly for wedding and engagement rings but does not limit itself to what the brand could offer its customers who have different needs and preferences in terms of jewelry design, gemstones, and hard materials. Clients can choose from a wide range of options for center stones that include but are not limited to natural diamonds, lab-grown, and colored gemstones.

This year, MJ launched two new additions to its stunning collection of wedding rings — the yellow gold Elena Wedding Ring Set and the Cadena white and yellow gold bridal ring set. Both are made to order and available in 14karat and 18karat gold. Find out more over at

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