5 Deal Breakers When Buying a House

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Buying a home is a complicated game of give and take. Naturally, you want to get the best deal possible while picking from the best Vancouver homes for sale.  Unfortunately, homebuyers can overlook red flags in favor of what they want to see in a property.  There are plenty of good things to look for in a home: these are the top five things you should avoid at all costs.

They Fail the Inspection

An inspection doesn’t get a letter grade by any means, but if the inspector who looks at the property doesn’t think it’s fit to sell: don’t try to buy it.  Inspectors have to go over the home and decide which items are good enough and which could cause massive, expensive damage over time. Of course, not all sellers are trying to trick buyers into buying a property they don’t want, but many will try to hide issues so that they don’t have to lose out on profits.

The Home Is In a High-Risk Zone

Flooding, wildfires, and tornadoes have all been higher on the news in recent years than ever before.  With as many yearly natural disasters as the country is seeing, it seems important to remember that zoning can help protect us from more dangerous areas.  If you’re looking at a home, and it’s in a patch of land that’s almost burned down twice, it’s not a smart choice to go for it now.

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The Homeowners Won’t Negotiate.

If you want a better price, and you’re eager to buy, but the homeowners don’t seem keen to sell, it might not be a good fit for you.  Don’t go to the top of your spending limit in an attempt to get a specific home if you know it’s overpriced.  Instead, it’s time to move on from that red flag and find a property that you can afford and will be able to afford for years to come.

Cracked Foundation and Support Beams

If there are any major structural damages, don’t purchase the home.  This is a reason they would fail the inspection as well, which ensures that this isn’t a safe place to live.  Although you could live anywhere you want, and you deserve to make your own decisions, if a property is a large risk to you and those you care about, it shouldn’t be somewhere that you want to live.

Major Roof Replacement or Repairs

When’s the last time the roof was replaced?  If the roof looks like it will have to be replaced within the first ten years, it might not be the house for you.  Replacing a roof can cost between ten and thirty thousand dollars.  Although this does mean that you could get a roof in whatever color and design you want, the cost can hold many people back from even considering it as an option.

Don’t buy a home to own a home.  Careful spending, and intelligent planning, can ensure you have a house built for a lifetime.

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