Pamper Yourself with a Discounted Massage

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Longing to have a massage stress-free day for months now. Been too busy with work and family-life that I’ve simply forgotten to squeeze in a trip to my fave spa salon. Every mom needs some sort of solace from time to time and what best way to do it is by having a whole body massage including an hour in the sauna and add in a scrub, mani-pedi, hair color and treatment hahaha.

Pamper Yourself with a Discounted Massage
“Smiling Woman Relaxing During Back Massage At Spa” by patrisyu

I thought about buying a massage chair but the cost is out of the budget and will also take up a chunk of space in my living room. Would have been awesome just to drop dead tired on that chair and massage my worries away. So, the next best thing is to schedule a home service massage but then, won’t be able to totally relax and enjoy it because at some point I’d be guilty seeing the tons of household chores that need to be done hahahaha.

Last resort would be to go to a spa or massage parlor. There, I won’t see the piling house chores, I just need to vibe the relaxing ambiance and enjoy being pampered. The only thing that would be a concern is the service price, lol. But these days, a lot of Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons have sprung up online and the wisest thing to do is to look up your area for some discounted massage, spa or reflexology services. This way, you won’t have to pay a lot for those services! I’m telling you, just research online and you’ll find tons of discount offers especially on the site. So, I suggest before heading out or planning your “day off”, scour the Groupon site for things you might wanna buy or avail especially the massage.

It would be awesome if you can do bonding with the hubby, or your close friends for some chit-chat on the side. Though if you badly need some peace and quiet, just go alone and enjoy the rest of the day!

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