Diana Stalder Goes Beyond Holistic Skincare with dS Cafe

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We have so many holistic skincare centers in the metro but I think only a few incorporated a “nutritional diet haven” such as the one at Diana Stalder. It’s like being beautiful inside and out because the clinic takes care of your skin and the cafe offers to make you healthier within.

Diana Stalder dS Cafe with Ms Eleanor Rivera

I was invited to try this new approach in healthy lifestyle and really learned a lot! Imagine, going to a skincare clinic then have a refreshment of healthy concoctions afterwards. Talk about total skin and health management!

Ms. Diana Stalder values healthy diet by combining it with skincare thus dSCafe was born. More clients are now experiencing better and positive results since most skin concerns are not entirely triggered by external factors but instead because of adverse internal conditions of the body as well.

Diana Stalder dS Cafe with Ms Eleanor Rivera

The dS cafe is gaining prominence as a healthy food and beverage hub which offers a variety of low-calorie, skin-friendly food coming from organic greens, protein-rich sihes with fibrous brown rice, zesty healthy sandwiches and fresh fruit juices.

It also became as a place to showcase Ms. Diana Stalder’s exclusive IP Weight Loss Program which combines methods from the Ideal Protein products of Canada, with her personally developed diet regimen that utilizes precisely measured alternative food sources. These are customized per client based on their profiles and lifestyles which would ultimately help them shed unwanted pounds in just a few days or weeks.

If you are into weight loss and skincare, check out Diana Stalder on their webpage at http://www.dianastalder.com/, Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/dianastalderbydermaline/.

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