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Our four-legged friends were our constant companions throughout this year’s emotional wringer. They’re always more than ready to lend a sympathetic—and furry—ear to all our problems. This Christmas, it’s time to pay them back for all the unconditional love they give their humans.

Got a paw parent in your life? They’ll love gifts they can pamper their fur babies with. From November 30 to December 6, Shopee is offering discounts up to 50% off on pet products. Check out our rundown of the best gifts to give pet lovers this Christmas!

Hygiene and grooming products

Having a pet can get messy. Help a pet lover keep their fur baby fresh and healthy with hygiene and grooming products such as litter, toothbrush and toothpaste, and shampoo.

Kibo Clean Clumping and Odor Control Cat Litter Charcoal with Scent
1 - Kibo
Daiso Pet Litter Sheets
2 - Daiso
Fresh Friends Mint Flavor Toothpaste and Toothbrush for Dogs Set
3 - Fresh Finds
Reliq Mineral Spa Shampoo Pack
4 - Reliq

Food and doggie treats

A dog’s stomach is a bottomless pit! Get a paw parent these treats so they can keep their dogs full and active.

Good Boy Dog Food Original Variant For Adult Dogs
5 - Good Boy
Dentalight Dental Dog Bone
6 - Dentalight Dog Bone

Dentalight Star Trainers Dog Treats for Training Assorted Flavor

7 - Dentalight Treats

Pedigree Mini Puppy Milk

8 - Pedigree

Other pet supplies

Swap out their pet’s ratty old bowl for a stainless steel one. Busy paw parents will also love smart pet feeders—it’ll keep their fur babies full even while they’re away!

Bestguard Stainless Steel Pet Bowl

9 - Bestguard

Cherry Home Smart Pet Feeder

10 - Cherry Home

Grab these gifts here:

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5 thoughts on “Pet Products Up to 50% off on Shopee until December 6

  1. Wow good news po eto sa mga may pet mamu because pet products are on sale on Shoppee upto 50% off. Perfect gift din po eto sa mga may fur babies. Our pet deserve this also.?☺️

  2. Amg dami po pwedeng mabili sa mga fur babies ngaung naka sale ang mga ito po sa Shopee. Surely di lang ang mga fur parents ang matutuwa pati na rin po ang mga fur babies.

  3. Wow , iba talaga ang Shopee ?? Perfect nga po itong Christmas gift for our pet ..
    At ang laki ng discount makakapag stock na tayo ng marami …

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