Robinsons Soundbites: OPM Jam with Bamboo

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Oh boy, I got excited upon learning that Bamboo will be the very first to hold a concert with Robinsons Soundbites and that I’ll be able to cover the event! Yay!

Robinsons Soundbites: OPM Jam with Bamboo

Didn’t matter if I had to go all the way to Robinsons Magnolia just to see and hear him sing, lol.. It’s been awhile since I last watched a concert and of course, I was elated, especially in meeting him.

Robinsons Soundbites: OPM Jam with Bamboo

There were a lot of I guess Bamboo fanatics because they kept on screaming his name and I got carried away too, a bit.. hahaha

Robinsons Soundbites: OPM Jam with Bamboo

Spent the night listening to him sing his famous songs while enjoying the food catered by Akira restaurant. People flocked the event and got to enjoy too the various food sold by merchants inside the venue.

Robinsons Soundbites: OPM Jam with Bamboo

Well, though the night was still young, I needed to go home and bid farewell to Bamboo. At least, I got my photo opp, watched him sweep many women off their feet including me (lol) and got to taste the fantastic food from Akira, which my husband will definitely love.

But not only that! There’s a new Chippy snack in town and my boys loved it! Yes, after taking this photo, all 3 Chippy Twisters were consumed in one seating. Guess, I have to run to the nearest Robinsons grocery to buy a few more pieces so I can review it soon hahaha

Chippy Twisters Snack Universal Robina

I’m most excited also with the Robinsons VIP Card that I received. Just in time because we’re going to watch Captain America Civil War later. What’s the relevance?

Robinsons Malls VIP Card

Well, coz later I don’t have to line up to buy the movie tickets instead can use the express lane PLUS for every 2 tickets, 1 FREE Regular Popcorn and my kids are jumping with joy now lol! yey!

More perks, privileges and conveniences on the poster below:

Robinsons Malls VIP Card

How to avail of this Robinsons VIP Card is at the bottom of the poster. Lots of perks and if you’re a frequent shopper, you’ll get loads of discounts too! Learn more by clicking this link –

If you missed Bamboo’s mini concert, don’t fret coz you still have chance to watch other Robinsons Soundbites OPM Bands in a Robinsons Mall near you!

Robinsons Soundbites Food and Music Festival

FREE entrance with tags for every Php500 purchase in any participating restos. Read the full details of the Promo Mechanics here –

On April 29th and 30th, HALE and Itchyworms will perform at Robinsons Place Las PiƱas and you bet I won’t miss them! The great news is, because I’m a VIP Card Holder, I’d also get a VIP Seat for this particular Robinsons Soundbites! Hooray!

So, check out these awesome happenings and be sure to review the requirements on how to get your own Robinsons VIP Card!

Lotsa thanks Robinsons Malls for a time well spent with Bamboo and thanks too to the organizers. More thanks for the snacks and yes, the prestigious VIP Card!

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