Vaseline Body Lotion with Petroleum Jelly: Dry Skin Healed

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This summer heat is killing my skin and it can hardly breathe because of lack of moisture! Scratch a portion and you’ll see a white mark, heels cracking, my skin all over gosh, needs deep restoration and drinking loads of water doesn’t help much. I need to be rescued, my skin I mean lol… and fast!!!!

… And to the rescue is this new Vaseline Body Lotion with Petroleum Jelly!

Vaseline Body Lotion with Petroleum Jelly

Got these packages from Vaseline the other day and was so excited about their newest additions. I badly need a lotion that doesn’t feel sticky all over and with the scorching heat, I’ve stopped using one coz I feel greasy and adding more unnecessary body heat.

Vaseline Body Lotion with Petroleum Jelly

But, my attention was actually caught by the 2 sets of leaves inside the box. Felt a bit of dryness in my throat as I imagined my skin looking like those dried up leaves on the left hand side. Waaah, I don’t wanna grow old with a dried up, wrinkly, dying skin! hahahaha

Vaseline 100% Petroleum Jelly

But, alas! There is hope because the other set of leaves proved that there is a cure for dry skin and it can be healed with the help of Vaseline petroleum jelly!

Need more convincing? I’m pretty sure you will be a convert after watching this video!

What can you say about Vaseline Petroleum Jelly now? Isn’t it amazing!!! That’s a live billboard of leaves, no joke, no cheating! Just imagine if that’s the result for the leaves, what more for your skin?!

Vaseline Body Lotion with Petroleum Jelly

The regular/original Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly is a staple in my dresser table because you’ll never know when you’ll need it. It helped a lot during times of chapped/wind burnt lips, minor cuts, scrapes and burns. When my boys were just babies, this was my go to ointment for diaper rashes, mosquito bites etc.

But, I’m more curious with this Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion. Micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly has been added meaning total moisture for the skin.

Just took a bath and didn’t put any lotion on my cracked heels. That’s the only portion of my body that I can tolerate putting lotion on. Grabbed the new Vaseline Body Lotion, spread it on my heel. Take a better look at the images and you will see that in the last photo, it’s a miracle! Yay!

Vaseline Body Lotion with Petroleum Jelly

What I like about Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion:

– non-greasy, non-sticky
– smells great, won’t interact with your cologne/perfume
– easily absorbed
– gives total moisture after massaging it on my cracked heel
– affordable at the following prices: 100ml- Php69.30; 200ml- Php126; 400ml- Php225
– conveniently available in groceries, department stores and drugstores
– very effective on my dry heels, what more for the whole body!

* Nothing that I don’t like with this Vaseline Body Lotion and I know that I’ve finally found the perfect one even in these summer months!

I don’t need more convincing coz I tested it myself and the Vaseline original petroleum jelly works wonders in so many ways too!

Thank you Vaseline for making my skin healthy, younger looking and #DrySkinHealed!

Need to know more? Check out Vaseline’s web details below.


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