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Finally found a theme that suits this blog. I’m still waiting for Mhel aka blankPixels (ahem..) to start and beautify this new blog. I wanted Purple and I got it! It’s simple and yet the theme is not that common. I already know how to edit it because it’s kinda the same with my money blog.



I’ve already collected pictures to go with the future posts here and since the theme is already set, guess, I can start and fill this blog up.

This blog is intended initially for an online store. A high school friend and I are still collaborating and will wait for the shipment of all the items coming from the U.S by February 2011. I know there will be Victoria Secret items and popular brands but nothing definite yet because it depends on what’s on sale come February.

Perfumes, bags, clothes, undies etc all imported. But, we’d be selling local items also and handmade products, some accessories made by us too!

We hope this will materialize so we could finally set up our online store. We both owned boutique shops a few years ago, so handling and operating it online would be somewhat easy. We just have to learn all about shipping the items,lol..

This coming 2011, I have so many plans, online, that is.. Bought 5 domains a few days ago with visions of what I’m gonna do with them.. I just pray that everything will fall into place..

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4 thoughts on “Samut-Sari’s Temporary Theme

  1. Wow, 5 domains? You must have one heck of a plan. I do hope they fall through for you. Good luck with them!

    By the way, the new template you have is indeed what you said, “It’s simple yet not common…” And you know what? It’s fun and chic too.

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