Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway!

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Free Shopping? Sure! Who wouldn’t like that?! And we are going to give you a chance to shop your heart’s out! Just read on and join the giveaway after 🙂

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

Recently, Mall of Korea treated me to a shopping spree at their first ever store in the Philippines up north at the 2nd Floor of Metrowalk Complex, Ortigas. I wasn’t into Korean fashion but most of their signature clothing lines as well as those affordable ones are so gorgeous and I’m now a convert! LOL

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

This place is huge and if you’re like me, going through every nook and cranny (lol), you’re gonna have to spend at least a few hours for shopping. I’m like that coz I don’t wanna miss a single thing and then regret later.

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

Their signature lines – Nina Lee, Luisa Spagnoli etc can be found in the forefront and cover at least 1/4 of the entire area. Here I lost my heart hahahaha, such awesome finds, fits and suits me but sadly quite pricey. But, I’ll be back coz I’ve got my eye on this adorable cover up which can be paired with any casual or semi-formal attires. I think it’s around Php2,000++.

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

Here are a few more pieces I love and desire to have but will definitely break the bank. But, once you see them at the Mall of Korea store, you’ll forget that you have a budget hahaha

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

They also have a small section for accessories. I guess it’s just temporary and will expand as the other collections from Korea arrives. At least, it’s just in one place so it will be easier for fashionistas to pick and buy.

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

I’m very fond of rings and believe me I have a huge collection that’s just secretly (hahaha) locked in a drawer full of trinkets lol. Here are the ones I found charming, nice and simple. Not too flashy for my age lol. I forgot to remove my wedding band so don’t include that hehehe.

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

They also cater to mens fashion as well as for children. Not much yet compared to the vast array of women selections but I’m pretty sure they’ll be adding some more in the near future.

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

And the bags are cool too! Nice hand painted handbags, some with chains and metal bullets, and plain ones. They have shoes but not much, concentrated more on clothing but I bet plenty will come soon!

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

Oh! Let’s not forget the part of the warehouse where you can find the “goodies” hahahaha.. Yes, the “SALE” section were most of the mommies like me spent their entire time at Mall of Korea during their launch.

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

I was thinking more like cheap designs and cheap materials BUT you’re in for a surprise! Most of the items have great quality and designs patterned to what Koreans usually wear. It may look like “Divisoria” or “tiangge” but try touching the materials and you’ll see what I mean.

I was quite amazed too and overwhelmed by the wide array of choices. Poor me really wanted a lot of items but unfortunately they don’t have sizes, so what you see on the racks are all they’ve got. Gave away most of them to my blogger friends and I became their stylist for the day hahaha

Lemme show you the pieces that I got straight from the Sale racks hahaha..

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

Had to fit them of course or I’ll forever regret choosing them unless I go on a diet, lol. Pardon me, I’m not a model nor good in posing so just please bear with me and focus on the clothes lol. Don’t mind the chubby arms also hehehehe

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway

Loved all the clothes that I chose and they don’t look cheap at all. Again, touch them when you see me wearing them and you’d say that it was a jackpot I got to them first! Lots of other good finds at Mall of Korea, I tell you!

And now, let’s move on to the much awaited Giveaway! Thank you for reading this far coz I know it’s a lenghty post.

Mall of Korea has been very generous for giving a few select bloggers to shop for Free! Thank you so much to the owners and organizers!

And now, we’re extending the same joy to One Lucky Winner of 5pieces of P300 MOK cash card with a total of Php1500!

Just follow the Rafflecopter mechanics and you’re good to go!

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UPDATE: 7/23 I’ve updated the point system and now have +5 for each task. For those who joined earlier, I will be updating your points in the master RC file. Thanks

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34 thoughts on “Shopping Haul at #MallofKorea + Giveaway!

  1. I want to win because I want to share this to my sister who just graduated from college. A cool set of wardrobe will be awesome now that she’s ready to join the corporate world! 🙂

  2. I want to win this giveaway of #MallOfKorea because I’m such a huge fan of Korean fashion and style. Aside from that, my mom’s birthday is just around the corner, it would be a great gift for her.

    Email Address:

  3. Hi Ms. Eihdra !! I am really a fan of Korean fashion. I think I am really affected and totally crazy about their Korean cultural wave or what we know as “Hallyu” from the strong influences of the super cute boy and girl bands as well as from fabulous actors in Korean dramas. I like how they play with colors and patterns that blend with every pieces and will make you standout in every way. I really look up to Ms. Kim Hyun Ah of 4Minute. I love how her fashion can magically turn out to be from playful but sweet to sexy but elegant. So much hearts for her and for Korea. Everything Korean is just so cool !!!

  4. Ma. Elinor Semira
    I want to win this giveaway of #MallOfKorea because I am currently working in a BPO company and with all honesty I would always run out of clothes to wear every single day, I keep on wearing the same piece over and over again. It would be great opportunity to overhaul my wardrobe so I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed right now. Thanks for the chance!

  5. Rosanna Bronozo
    IG: @osang36
    Twitter: @osang36

    I want to win because my daughters are super fan of KPOP and K-dramas. They always talked about how good korean fashion is. I think it will be a great bonding for us to visit the store soon. I’m sure they will enjoy checking out clothes insipiration just like what their favorites wore in Korea.

  6. I love Korean fashion because Koreans are fearless when it comes to trying new things. New trends come in very quickly, because we were inspired by how bloody stylish everyone seems to be here. I love how they layers and colors match without even look awkward yet funky and stylish!

    Rain Gatdula
    IG: @yurilovesttedy

  7. Name: Hershey Ann Gercio
    email address:
    and Twitter :
    Answer this question: Why I want to win this giveaway of #MallOfKorea?
    I want to win this giveaway because i wanted to share this prize to my sister,who’s the one who introduced to me the KPOP music and KPOP fashion. I know she will definitely loved and liked this. And it will be a great sister bonding for us to explore the Mall Of Korea,and check their items there.

  8. I want to win the #MallofKorea Shopping Spree Giveaway because I love Kpop & I love watching Koreanovelas so I’m really fascinated with #KoreanFashion…If I win that would be a great gift for my upcoming birthday this August…hoping and praying to win! Goodluck, God Bless and more power to & Mall of Korea 🙂 Here are my Profile links: FB (Imee Palad): Twitter (@imee0827): Instagram (@imeepalad):

  9. I really like to win on your giveaway because I like to buy some nice dress and blouses. Its hard to find a pretty Korean Dress in other mall or store,that’s why it good to know that we Mall of Korea noe in the Philippines.

    Name: Lhourdes Mercadero
    FB : Lhourdes Mercadero
    IG: @itsmedhessmercadero
    Twitter: @dhess02
    Thank you!

  10. Name: Olga Paguio-Eseo
    Email address:
    FB: Olga Marie
    IG: @olguh
    Twitter: @olga_marie7

    You’ve described it as an amazing experience with a wide variety of ensemble for various occasions. I want to win this #MallOfKorea giveaway to experience it myself and catch a couple of chic tops that I can wear in the office.

  11. Name: Eiram Mandril
    Email address:

    Why I want to win this giveaway of #MallOfKorea?

    I want to win Mall of Korea Cash Card because I want to experience shopping korean fashion, cosmetics and accessories that I can use for my everyday life. It would be another first time for me to try going there because I always want to go to Korea and I think this is the first step to getting that Korean vibe.

  12. I wanna win this for my sister. She’s an avid k-drama lover and I’m sure that her korean dream will be somehow fulfilled if we get a chance to shop at the Mall of Korea. This could also be my chance to have a bonding moment with her since we seldom see each other and maybe its also the best time for me to tell her that she’s going to be a bridesmaids this December 😀

    Jeddahlyn Gonzales
    FB/IG/Twitter @iamjeday

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