Azul Bar and Cafe – A Music Lovers’ Hang Out in Batangas

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Beach lovers who frequent resorts in Batangas as well as nearby residents now have a cool and nice place to hang out at Azul Bar and Cafe! It’s situated inside Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel in San Juan, Batangas and is open to all even non-guests!

Azul Bar and Cafe San Juan Batangas

What can you expect from this new family-friendly hangout? Great food and great music! It may sound like a usual thingy to those who live in the Metro, but Batangas is already considered as a province and with its booming economy due to various resorts and hotels, Azul Bar and Cafe is the very first of its kind in the area.

Azul Bar and Cafe San Juan Batangas

There was a small ribbon-cutting ceremony and owners Simonette and Noli Gusi along with Ms. Trina Belamide headed the soft opening of Azul Bar and Cafe.

It was launched with a bang too and several well-known singers graced the opening night such as Jim Paredes, Aiza Seguerra, Nyoy Volante and the budding Zion Aquino.

Azul Bar and Cafe San Juan Batangas

A handful of bloggers were invited to cover this momentous event straight from Manila and we had so much fun that night! Imagine having these 3 OPM superstars in one place, it was a powerhouse gathering!

Azul Bar and Cafe San Juan Batangas

Of course with great music, it must be accompanied by great food, right?! Well, we weren’t disappointed coz food and drinks overflowed that night!

Azul Bar and Cafe San Juan Batangas

Azul Bar and Cafe San Juan Batangas

Azul Bar and Cafe San Juan Batangas

Azul Bar and Cafe San Juan Batangas

The place is huge and can accommodate meetings, functions, team buildings, parties and even wedding receptions, that is if you wish to have your vows on the beach.

Azul Bar and Cafe San Juan Batangas

There were also some surprises from the waiters, they danced and performed tricks using wine glasses, mixers etc. It was a very entertaining and relaxing night indeed. If you want to have some fun with the team, friends or family right after a night swim either at the beach or pool, Azul Bar and Cafe is the place to be!

Azul Bar and Cafe San Juan Batangas

Don’t worry if you’re not checked in at Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel nor at the adjacent Acuaverde Resort because Azul Bar and Cafe will cater even to walk-ins or non-guests! Open only during weekends and different bands will play to entertain you!

So when you’re in Batangas, do drop by and promise you won’t get lost. Just ask where Acuatico or Acuaverde resorts are and locals will direct you coz both are popular hideaways in San Juan, Batangas.

Since we also stayed at Acuaverde and Acuatico resorts, I’ll be posting separate reviews of both so you can see the awesomeness of the beaches, facilities, food, services and water sports!

Thank you for accommodating us Mr. and Mrs. Gusi, Ms. Trina Belamide and Ms. Tess Samaniego. You made our stay meaningful, all fun and worth it!

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Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel

Acuatico Beach Resort is located in the popular beach destination of Laiya, San Juan, Batangas in the Philippines. About 140 km (87miles) south of Manila, Laiya occupies a very long shoreline estimated to be more than three miles.

Roughly about three-hour-drive from Manila, it is the only premier luxury resort of its kind in Laiya with Balinese-inspired villas and fully furnished rooms. Guests can choose between the rooms with spectacular view of either the mountains or the sea.

It offers exclusivity with a maximum accommodation of 70 guests only. Acuatico is member of the Association of Laiya Resorts Owners (ALRO).


Visits: 130

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24 thoughts on “Azul Bar and Cafe – A Music Lovers’ Hang Out in Batangas

  1. We were in San Juan just this summer! Sayang, should Ive known about this earlier, we might have tried it out. The place looks cozy and fun, hopefully we can check it out soon! πŸ™‚

  2. Last summer vacation, we went to Batangas and struggle kami sa paghanap ng beach somewhere in San Juan Batangas, sayang hindi namin ito napuntahan. Anyhow, maybe next year. Thank you for sharing your experience, loved the food that they served, looks appetizing. πŸ™‚ Will take note of this cafe and try it for ourselves.

  3. Haven’t visited the beaches in Batangas this year. Hopefully before the year ends. Glad that walk-ins are accepted at Azul Bar coz my family prefers to stay in another resort.

  4. Oh the last time I was in Acuatico, they were just starting out! I haven’t been back since but its nice to see they’re expanding!

  5. I have never been to Batangas but always looking forward to go there and see the beaches. You really can’t go wrong with bars with live entertainment.

  6. I’m actually interested in Acuatico because we’re planning a family getaway before the year ends. Question is how accessible and how affordable haha. I’m sure the facilities would be lovely, but I would also like my kids to experience live evening music — our roots. πŸ™‚

    1. By car it took us about 3 hours ata from Alabang.. Affordability, kindly check the website. But compared to other beaches in other areas, mejo pricey but it’s all worth it, I assure you.

  7. Such a nice experience for bloggers like you! I plan on having a family getaway in Acuatico Beach Resort so I am putting Azul Bar and Cafe in the list of some place to visit while we’re in Batangas. Hopefully, soon! πŸ˜€

  8. Looks like the place will be a hit in a few more months. Love that they launched it with a bang and even invited celebrities to grace the event. People tend to remember places where they have seen celebrities performed and the likes.

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