Sleep Like an Egyptian

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A few days ago I caught the movie Uptown Girls playing on HBO or one of those cable channels ( I really can’t remember which one right now haha). In the movie, Brittney Murphy played the role of Molly, a free spirited child of a rock star who suddenly found herself bankrupt after all the money she had inherited from her parents was swindled by her accountant. After being so used to living a life of luxury, she was thrust into the cold harsh reality of working life. Because she did not have any work experience or skills on hand, she ended up becoming a nanny to a little girl named Rae, who was as an uptight, spoiled and obsessive compulsive little girl who did not know what the word “fun” meant. The role of Rae was played by Dakota Fanning, who was most recently seen in the film adaptation of the Stephanie Mayer Twilight series.

The movie was such a fun way to spend the afternoon. After being so stressed with so much work and things to do, it was nice to just chill and relax. One of the parts I enjoyed best was when Molly fell asleep in the department store she was working in when she had a dream of 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. The whole spiel on that particular linen even ended up being made into a song by her love interest in the movie. It got me to thinking how nice it must be to sleep in a bed with Egyptian cotton bed linen. I don’t know if that is available here in the Philippines though, although I guess I can browse online sites like The White Company to find the best and most affordable linen for me. Hopefully, though, shipping and handling won’t cost a fortune. Then maybe I, too, can sleep in a bed with Egyptian Cotton. I wish!

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  1. That sound like a funny movie, I must remember to see it some time. Oh, and about the sheets, shipping and handling will probably cost you an arm and a leg.

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