Summer Shoes 2012

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It’s terribly hot nowadays and the Summer season is kicking in with a 30degrees temp, sometimes even hotter than that. There are days when the aircon in the room can be also heard complaining,lol. Well, there are ways of cooling down and taking your mind off the heat. If you want to know how you can do that, you may read this other article that I wrote – Summer Escapades.

Anyway, since we’re here talking about summer, might as well give you some ideas on the shoes you can wear during the season. Note that not all girls can wear these coz it takes a lot of confidence and composure to slip into one, lol. I, would think twice coz this is not what I want for my feet anymore, maybe when I was younger, I can take the challenge. But, since my legs are not as strong as before mainly because I’m not used to wearing heels anymore, I’d probably fall to the ground more than once hahaha.

So, I bring you, The Wedges for this season:

Wedges For Summer

Not all wedges are as high as stilettos. It’s the wedge style like, that’s why it’s called “wedges”. Ladies’ shoes such as office and formal ones are not the only thing that can be “wedged”. In fact, these days, any sort of shoes can be made into a wedge. Just look at the photo above, those were of different fashion era.

I was a fan of Espadrilles back in the younger days and I’m so happy that it is styled as a wedge. Now, I gotta try those coz it’s not as high as the usual ones, plus, this kind of shoes make my feet feel well loved and comfy.

I love wearing sandals too, I actually have a dozen of them but seeing this new style makes me wanna go get one for myself, lol.

Models are wearing different shiny and metallic shoes in fashion shows this first quarter of 2012, so it must be one of the “in” thing. Though, these styles doesn’t match well with my feet, check it out in your nearest mall, you might like what you’ll see.

Pastel coloured shoes are “in” most specially during summer season. Great to be paired with summer dresses, loose pants, shorts and even skirts. You just gotta pick a matching colour with your wardrobe and you’re all set to go.

These wedges can be worn practically anywhere, oh well, except on rough roads, lol. You can find pointed wedged shoes to go with your formal attire, bright coloured ones for those intimate dates, pastel for malling around, striped espadrilles for walking purposes or even just hanging out with friends while playing your fave boardgames or Tasty Bingo games. It only means that there are different kinds of shoes for different occasions. You only need to mix and match and you will be a hit!

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8 thoughts on “Summer Shoes 2012

  1. Oh those are beautiful! My feet have a hard time with wedges because my feet are rather boxy, so usually the straps and toe area beat up or scratch me, so I only wear them sometimes 🙂

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