Top Mistakes That ATV Beginners Make

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Many people think that just because they know how to drive a car that they can easily just jump on an ATV and take it for a spin. However, it is not anywhere near the same. While the four wheels make it easier to manage and less likely to crash than two wheels, there is still a learning curve that needs to be respected. If you just bought a new ATV or have been searching for some Polaris parts from a reputable online dealer such as, you should read the following mistakes that are most common for new riders.

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Nerf Bars

New riders should get nerf bars. They are huge foot pegs that make it easier for new riders to keep their feet from slipping off. With the original peddles, new riders have a harder time keeping their feet from slipping off or dragging on the ground. This can lead to injuries such as your feet getting caught in one of the back tires. The nerf bars are great for beginners because it gives them more stability and control over the ATV.

Roll Overs

Even though an ATV may have four wheels, they are really easy to tip over. You do not want to have a heavy piece of machinery like an ATV on top of you. When you first start riding, it is always best to take it slow and get used to different driving conditions. One of the most common ways that new riders roll over is because they let off from the start with too much gas. This can make the ATVs front wheels lift up and it can fall backwards on top of the rider. New riders need to get accustomed to the power of an ATV.

False Security

With new riders, they can get ahead of themselves and it leads to a false sense of security. Even seasoned riders need to wear proper gear when out riding. If you have an accident and aren’t wearing the proper gear, you could get seriously injured or worse. While out riding, it is important to wear a helmet, gloves, goggles and riding boots. If your start riding more difficult trails, more safety equipment should be worn such as a neck brace, chest protector, and knee brace.

Loading And Unloading ATV

It is never safe to load or unload an ATV from a truck while on it. This is very dangerous and ATVs are very heavy. If it falls off of the truck or the ramp while you are riding on it, it could end up squashing your legs or whole body.

The bottom line when it comes to enjoying an ATV is to treat it like it is, a heavy and powerful piece of equipment. It can be a lot of fun and very dangerous without taking all of the necessary precautions.

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