Toy Drums for Kids

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I’ve always wondered how my eldest son learned how to play drums. Now, my 4 year old is showing signs of wanting to learn after he saw a friend played his drums in the nearby park. When we got home, he can’t stop thinking about it so my husband and I are thinking of buying him one.

Their interest in music I think, started when both kids were still in my tummy. I mean, I’ve always believed the saying that, if you listen to music when you were pregnant and even bring the sound closer to the womb, the fetus can hear it and there’s a higher chance of them remembering that very same music when they are born. Of course, the fetus’ reactions depends on how they’d take the music.

Anyway, we don’t mind what music they will like when grown up nor what instrument they want to learn as long as it’s not uber noisy or ear splitting noise. Sometimes, it’s worth telling them to switch off the radio or they’d grow violent from listening to too much hard noise. It’s a fact, but I don’t wanna write an example of that type of music coz there are people who really like the noise.

I said we are thinking of buying my little one a toy drum. I’ve seen one that fits my son’s description of small and awesome in the nearby mall. He wanted a drum stick to go with it and he mentioned that he doesn’t want a drum that sounds like a tin can when “drummed”. When we went there again last week, he’s pointing to a Pro Mark Drum Sticks that’s clearly way out of his league. So we did a lot of explanations, saying that he doesn’t need one like that yet coz he’s just a beginner and those drum sticks are for someone who really knows how to play. He agreed and I don’t even know if he understood, lol.

So, the choices are these two:

Paper Jamz Drums Fisher Price Drum Set

He’s already tried both and loved it! Now, we can’t buy both coz that’s too much and he can’t drum the 2 at the same time anyway. So, he’s thinking hard (lol) coz he knows once we buy what he wants, and later on want the other one instead, we can’t return the item and change for another.

If he’ll ask me, I’d rather buy the Fisher Price coz he can actually beat on it with a drum stick and make his own “noise”. But, of course, it’s up to him.

Whatever it will be, I just hope that it could make him the happiest boy (for the moment,lol) on Earth. It’s nice seeing their reactions once they get what they want and for me, that’s also a treasured moment.

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5 thoughts on “Toy Drums for Kids

  1. Just like my eldest, your son is, I would say musically passionate.

    It’s also great to know what you give in to what he wants to do.

    Sana maging sikat mga anak natin in the future haha!

  2. It’s really nice talga if ung kids eh nag shshow interest on things like this. Ung baby naman likes playing music din but piano naman ung trip. Hehe. 🙂

  3. My G’son is a music buff! He loves to play the drums, any instrament for that matter. His over all favorite is the drums. thank you for sharing. My G’son will enjoy this.

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