Travel Gets More Rewarding with Metrobank x Visa’s Big Travel Bonus Promo!

Metrobank x Visa Big Travel Bonus Promo
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Planning your next getaway just got a lot more rewarding with Metrobank’s Big Travel Bonus promo. Exclusive to Metrobank Visa credit cards, this offer runs from July 1 to September 30, 2024.

With this exciting new offer, you can receive up to PHP 12,000 eGCs from Giftaway that you can use to pay for meals at your favorite local restaurants or buy new travel gear for your next adventure.

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Joining the promo is simple and easy. Just register at and keep using your Metrobank Visa credit card on any of your local travel-related and international purchases. Your accumulated spending on airlines, air carriers, lodging, hotels, resorts, travel agencies, cruise lines, travel taxes, and international transactions will serve as your ticket to unlock your reward.

Here’s how much reward you can get from your travel-related and international purchases during the promo period:

Minimum Accumulated SpendeGC Reward
PHP 30,000 to PHP 69,999PHP 500 worth of eGCs
PHP 70,000 to PHP 99,999PHP 1,000 worth of eGCs
PHP 100,000 to PHP 299,999PHP 2,000 worth of eGCs
PHP 300,000 to PHP 499,999PHP 3,000 worth of eGCs
PHP 500,000 & upPHP 12,000 worth of eGCs

Every travel-related and international purchase brings you closer to taking home up to P12,000 Giftaway eGCs. The more you spend, the higher the reward you earn!

For the frequent traveler, there’s no better card than the Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa, which qualifies you for the Metrobank Big Travel Bonus Promo and lets you earn miles faster with every spend. With your Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa, you get 1 mile for every PHP 17 spent on airline tickets, hotel stays, and foreign currency purchases, and 1 mile for every PHP 50 spent on other purchases.

So plan your next trip now and book it with your Metrobank Visa credit card! Experience the world with Metrobank cards. Sign up for the Big Travel Bonus promo here. Learn more about Metrobank Visa credit cards and apply by visiting

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