Trying Out Yoga Exercises

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I’m on a roll these days… want to be slim for an upcoming celebration and honestly, I have a long way to go or shed lol.

I’ve been trying yoga on and off mainly because I’m very busy with a lot of things in the past several months. I really can’t make it a priority as of now though, I know sooner or later, I have to find time one way or the other.

Yoga Mats

I’ve started with a few yoga clothes and a mat, not those expensive ones but somewhere along what you see online. I’ve been lucky to discover for discount yoga mats and referred the site to friends who are also crazy with yoga.

Though I’ve only done a few stint with this highly-acclaimed exercise regimen, I know I like it and will definitely pursue when time permits. Well, let’s wait and see..

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71 thoughts on “Trying Out Yoga Exercises

  1. I could recommend a few great Yoga dvds to you I have done for years,it’s so relaxing and good for you.

  2. I love Yoga. I think it’s very relaxing and can help relieve stress if you have any, which is probably everyone. I am encouraging my young daughter to do Yoga with me. I bought her a little Yoga mat that’s so cute and she likes it as well. I do need to get some Yoga clothes though..

  3. Great review. I have had a few surgeries so I have chronic pain. I have found that Yoga is a wonderful way for me to decrease my pain levels dramatically! I’m in need for some new yoga gear. On my way there!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I’ve been wanting to take some yoga classes for a long time…..guess I need to check out some DVDs since the classes offered in my area are all going on when I’m working

  5. i’d love to do yoga if it didn’t always make me yawn LOL..i’m happy to hear they have discount sites like this because yoga is expensive!!!

  6. i am morbidly obese and have tried yoga several times while i know its exercise i also want to relax. I have found many poses impossible is this not ment for fat ppl or should i give up i have been trying three days now to follow.

  7. I have never done yoga but have always wanted to take yoga classes. Maybe one day I will be able to afford them and will be able to do it. I would get the purple yoga mat 🙂

  8. Its been recommended that I try yoga for my chronic pain & Im looking into getting started very soon. It looks very relaxing to me. Thanks for a great review post!

  9. That is a good site! I am a yoga nut. I love practicing it every morning. I always end up having my dog licking my face when I am practicing downward dog! LOL

  10. I am currently doing Beachbody’s Turbo Fire and it really kicks my butt. I have lots of pregnancy weight to lose. Yoga would be nice addition to my routine to help me stretch and relax all those muscles I’ve been working so hard. I’ve never had much success with yoga alone but it sure helps my overall strength and flexibility. I just have a lot of fat to lose too.

  11. I have also been told to try yogo – I used to walk/run and it wears on your knees and now that I think I might have RA – or will find out soon if I do – I have been told to try it. I like the site you gave and I will look into classes near me, if not DVD’s – thanks for the post!

  12. i tried yoga but because of my size couldn’t do alot of moves should i give up or try and try and try. I liked what i could do

  13. A good link to some lower priced yoga stuff. I have always wanted to try but was a little afraid. I do have that silly wii game that helps with yoga. You have inspired me to turn it on.

    1. Maybe just start off slowly and work your self up to adding more time and days. I had foot surgery so my right foot is still healing and sore:(!! So it will be a while before I can use my feet so I just use both arms and 1 leg to sit down and do my thing.Take care and happy yoga:)

  14. I am huge Pilates aficionado, practicing several times a week at home. Just have never been able to get into yoga – although I love the clothes!

  15. I’ve been thinking about trying yoga. I need to lose weight & think it might be a good way to get exercise.

  16. A healthcare worker suggested my daughter try yoga because my daughter does all these stretches for cheer and the woman thought my daughter would like the exercises

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  17. thanks for thew great review I have been thinking about doing some yoga to change up my routine

  18. I have been really wanting to get into yoga. I was thinking of getting a couple beginner dvds and trying them out alone in my house so no one can see my look like a fool! lol I think once i start im really going to enjoy it.

  19. If you don’t have one already “Get One!” I’ve had two back surgeries and Yoga has been a God send for me. These mats are fantastic!!

  20. I am not sure that I would be very good at yoga. I am open to it, but probably not realistic for me.

  21. I’m not much of an exerciser. I did try yoga a few years ago when I took a bad fall. I hurt my back and along with P.T yoga did help.

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