Uniqlo LifeWear: Made for All

Uniqlo Lifewear Made for All
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Global apparel retailer UNIQLO launches “LifeWear: Made for All,” a multimedia campaign featuring personal, insightful interviews with tennis legend Roger Federer, renowned NYC artist Futura, UNIQLO Team Sweden’s table-tennis champ Anna-Carin Ahlquist, UNIQLO U Artistic Director Christophe Lemaire of the UNIQLO Paris R&D Center, the company’s social mission partners, and other voices from all over the globe.

LifeWear is the unique UNIQLO philosophy regarding clothes, rooted in the belief that rational and excellent design, plus the best in modern production techniques, creates perfect high-quality and affordable clothing that meets the needs of everyone’s daily lifestyles. This practical philosophy underscores how UNIQLO views the world, and LifeWear guides the company in everything it does – from creating thoughtful, life-improving clothing to its efforts around sustainability and community engagement.

“I support the company’s LifeWear philosophy. LifeWear’s mission goes beyond creating great quality clothing – it’s about improving the lives of all people, all around the world.”

Uniqlo Made for All Roger Federer

            Roger Federer, UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassador

Watch the short film and explore the interviews to hear individual stories and learn about what LifeWear means to UNIQLO employees and friends. Through their eyes, the company sees how LifeWear is relevant to everyone, everywhere, in everyday situations – from a spirited NYC street soccer game to the dedication of a volunteer Milanese Alpine rescue team. These and other inspiring stories show that LifeWear is a positive force helping people live better lives.

LifeWear: Made for All

Visit the special site at uniqlo.com/LifeWearStories and follow @uniqlo to experience 

the simple beauty of the LifeWear message.

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