What To Get Your Partner (soon to be husband) for Christmas

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In this fast changing sea of political debate and economic waves, what better but to recoil into the realm of fashion and merchandise? With articles daily of the tirades of both sides to all debates, Christmas shopping, especially that with a romantic bent, is far more rewarding.

Fed up with the usual ideas for a usual Christmas, I decided to draw up a list of my favourite Christmas fashion ideas to get us through the Gay Marriage debates and into a festive mood.

Crombie Cufflinks

My first recommendation for your other half is some cute matching designer cufflinks. What is more romantic than a pair of cufflinks given to your man that subtly compliments your own? At any event knowing that you share a subtle reminder to each other of your bond, sharing a piece of powerfully masculine jewelry, is a nice addition, especially when you both have to attend that office event. If there is one object to make your husband feel special, it is cufflinks.

Second on my list would be something to do outside. So many presents are stored away, put into boxes, never to be seen or used again. A trip to the opera, or mountain bikes are kinds of gifts that last in a different way – intangible – they focus you on the time you spend together. Considering a recent statistic said that we are more pressed for time than ever before, giving the gift of a piece of time in which you share can be most valuable and fun for both of you.

Indiana Jones

On the same line as action-presents, but if that isn’t up yours, or his street, then a traditional and smart Linen shirt could win his approval this winter, as it sends the message you respect him, without being too daring. It gives the impression of an action man, ready to take to the jungle, and shows you think he’s your Indiana Jones, and yet suggests you also know he likes to stay clean and tidy.

And if you like your men in uniform, the Naval Pea Coat at Crombie should do the trick!

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