Why People Love Playing Online Games

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Since the dawn of internet technology, many offline games adapted and made accessible worldwide. Nowadays, when you type the keywords or search terms “Online Games” in Google or your address bar, there are literally 1,870,000,000 results found. These vary from popular children’s educational games, to teenagers’ video games and the old time favourite of adults which is bingo.

So, why do people love playing online games? Here are some facts:

    • Children learn from these educational games. They absorb the knowledge quite easily than in books because it’s visual. The vibrant colours and moving objects make it more fun to learn. Cognitive skills such as Eye-hand Coordination and those Fine Motor Skills are also being developed as the child plays. Parents need to be vigilant in choosing which game to play as some games might not be suitable for their child.

Educational Games

    • Teenagers love playing video games! They can choose from millions of arcade, puzzle, sports, racing, RPG, adventure games and many more. It’s fun and exciting more so if you are playing against a friend in those networked games. Time passes by quickly when playing either solo or with friends and most of the time, it’s addicting. Parents should limit their teens and at least peek why they are getting hooked or it will become a huge problem eventually.
    • Adults have different tastes when it comes to online games. It’s now more of a diversion and relaxation for them. Some would choose mind games, to sharpen their memories, others prefer video games that need careful planning, strategies and skills. I know a lot of women who choose games that could help them escape reality for awhile and at the same time earn on the side. Online Bingo such as Ladbrokes Bingo is one great example for women to play because this does not only help release some stress, it’s also fun to play and of course, when you win, it gives you some sort of satisfaction.

Ladbrokes Bingo

People play for different reasons. Playing help them temporarily forget their problems and pain. It can also serve as a medium for instant learning. Whatever their reasons are, there’s always limitation and every individual must know when to say enough playing.

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6 thoughts on “Why People Love Playing Online Games

  1. Glad I stopped by! The 100 great educational games lokk like a lot of fun for my G’son. thanks for sharing these games!

  2. It’s so easy to spend hours on games! I try to avoid it. I’d never get anything done. I agree that there are some educational games for children. As long as they’re given an on line time limit.

  3. Luckily, that’s one thing that I haven’t gotten into. I like my crossword puzzle out of a real newspaper still.

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