Aging in Place

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Most folks want to stay in their homes as long as possible and with some careful planning and a few adjustments that may be possible for many senior citizens. Since older people tend to chill more easily it’s important to have some extra blankets and throws handy in each room of the house; it’s easy to grab a throw when you are chilly instead of putting it off because it’s in another room or tucked in a closet.

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Toileting and bathroom issues are the primary reason older people are forced to leave their homes but there are many easy improvements that actually benefit people of all ages. Start by getting a shower or bath stool – they are quite handy for everything from shaving legs to washing the hair of a child and as you age you will find that you can still shower and bathe easily while seated.

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A handheld showerhead is another helpful addition; they are useful for everything from bathing pets, watering plants and shampooing hair as well as cleaning the bath or shower enclosure. Elderly folks or disabled persons can use the handheld shower head to direct water to a specific area or bathe effortlessly while seated. It’s much easier to wash your own hair with a handheld shower head.

Extra safety bars and railings are always a good idea, especially around the commode and bath or shower. Anti-skid bath mats are another practical and safe idea, as are adhesive grips placed I the bottom of the bath or shower. Little things like soap and shower caddies make a big difference as many slips and falls happen while you are wet and trying to reach something; when items are close at hand there is no need to reach and risk a fall.

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  1. We also placed railings on some areas of our house for our grandpa since he fell down thrice consecutively and we thought he might need some support. 🙂

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