Everyone Loves A Sale

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Everyone loves a sale, period. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love it, more so if it’s a huge drop down sale, right? I mean, why won’t you love sales where you can save tons of money? Some are in the form of coupons and some are outright discounts.

Sales usually happen when the company or brand has excessive stocks on some of their items; to usher in the start or the end of a season especially the Christmas season; closing down a branch to relocate or finally closing their business. Whatever the reasons are, it’s a great time to scour for something to buy at a lesser price.

Sale Season

Summer season is a great time to have a sale in your store. Most people are gearing up for their summer vacations thus they will need items related to the season such as swim wear, beach paraphernalia to name a few. Spring is also one season where you will see a sale in most of the stores in town. Fall is when people would most likely sell their Spring stocks in preparation for Winter. Normally, one would buy when the season is nearing it’s end and that’s the time most items are almost 75% reduced.

Then, Christmas season is just around the corner. During this time, tons of stores will put their best effort to offer you different products. You’d be amazed how many stores will spring up and there will be practically a sale in every one of them! You will be presented with items that may be perfect as a gift to a loved one, a friend or a co-worker. The good thing about this particular Sale is that each and every store is in competition with the other thus in order to lure a customer into even stepping inside the store and actually buy is to lower their prices to as much as rock bottom. Christmas season is truly one enjoyable shopping escapade. You can canvas which offers the lowest price and if it’s the best for you, then go buy yourself a gift too.

What I don’t like during a sale is the long line to the cashier. Unfortunately, if I want an item, I’ll hang on to it like a child, lol. It’s just sad when it’s a big store and only one cash register is working. What’s worst is when the cashier is oh so slow in punching or scanning the items, that would be a total disaster for me.. Good thing, most of the stores in the mall near me uses hi-tech logic controls, so it’s a breeze even when there’s a long line.

Anyway, there’s a huge difference even if an item is just 10% off, but a whooping 75% discount is heaven for shopaholics like me! You must be aware every time there is a sale or you are missing out a big deal. Watch out for closing out sales coz those offers the biggest discounts of all!

Finally, don’t just go hopping from one store to another. Take notes of the prices of those items you fancy, haggle still if you must even though the sales lady is smirking at you while holding the sale sign, lol.. Well, enjoy shopping dearies!

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One thought on “Everyone Loves A Sale

  1. i love a sale or great coupon sale match up, but my wallys is always like this one or two lines open and they don’t know their own coupon policy or how to understand one. but on black fri its a place i have to go for sales dang it….lol

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