Crazy Over Purple Saturdays # 9

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I haven’t joined for a few weeks so I’m renewing my love for anything Purple! I still have a few sanity left so I might as well use it to check the entries on my blogversary and post this for my COPS entry for last Saturday. Gee, I’m up to my sleeves with online work plus the 2 kids are again sick, so I’d better wrap this up quick :((

Here’s my 2nd or 3rd entry, I think, since COPS started:

Polaroid Digital Camera

That’s the actual size and had it since last year. Though I already have a new camera, I still love using this because it’s much smaller and doesn’t break my shoulder lol. When the bigger one is not needed, I use this such as going to the malls, taking photos of the food we eat and in places where cameras are not allowed,lol.

If you are a purple addict, then why not join us and meet the other COP owners. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Crazy Over Purple Saturdays # 9

  1. I’m lost. I’ll have to find the first crazy over purple article. Anyways, it caught my eye because I too love the color.

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