Face-kini – China Beach Craze

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Have you seen the latest “fashion craze” in the beaches of China? Well, it’s called “Face-kini”, obviously something to wear in the face. For what? To protect their faces from the blazing rays of the sun and from sun burn!

Face-kini - China Beach Craze

It’s but logical nowadays to keep your face from being burned by the damaging heat of the sun and this goes the same with the rest of your body. But, what about using sun blocks and huge hats to protect the face? Apparently, they think it won’t suffice, so they’d rather cover all of their faces than suffer.

Imagine you’re relaxing in one of the beaches in China, you fell asleep, then suddenly awakened by some buzzing noises and realized that you are in the midst of these masked beings, would you not be afraid, thinking they are some sort of aliens who landed on the beach?

Face-kini - China Beach Craze

This fashion craze is in Qingdao, China. People there really wanna enjoy the beach and swim but since they are fair-skinned and prone to sun damage easily, they’d rather cover themselves up. The face mask does not only protect them from the sun, it also serves as “shield” against jellyfish and other water born insects. And if you are scared of the sharks, wear orange coloured body suit with matching face-kini, this will surely shoo them away.

The Face-kini is just an accessory which could be paired up with a body suit of the same colours and styles. It’s actually been used for many years now but just got the spotlight recently when most of the women in Qingdao wore it at the same time.

Face-kini - China Beach Craze

They know the benefits and as I’ve said, they’d rather wear it than be burned. Would you be able to wear this in your part of the world?

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3 thoughts on “Face-kini – China Beach Craze

  1. What I don’t get is that they will wear this on their faces but then expose the rest of their bodies with traditional swimsuits. If they really cared they go for full-body coverage.

    1. That’s actually a question I had then too… maybe they think that, you can’t put a name to the face when you can only see the bode. So in a way, they can flaunt their bodies without people recognizing them lol..

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