The Voice Season 3 – Fashion and Style

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I have been an avid fan of The Voice since season 1. It’s a great alternative to American Idol but much different because the judges listen to the “blind auditions” and choose their team based on what they hear. It’s fun to watch, really, more so when the 4 musicians jokingly fight to win the hearts of the awesome performers.

Now, I have to be very careful in saying what I have in mind coz of the recent passing of the Anti-Cybercrime Law, lol.

Anyway, I love all the judges, especially Adam Levine. It’s no secret (with my husband, lol) that I have a crush on him and his simple fitted shirt and pants make the girls swoon all over.

The Voice - Adam Levine

Blake, on the other hand, is the typical reserved macho type, but still oozing with sex appeal. Hiss conservative fashion sense makes him more appealing and lovable.

The Voice - Blake

Christina is always that alluring female singer, who is also ever so choosy when it comes to picking her team.

The Voice - Christina Aguilera

Ceelo, I like him too though I rarely see him smile more so when the performers chooses the other judges over him, lol

The Voice - Ceelo

Season 3 has tons of promising singers and as early as now, I have my bets. Let’s see how they “rock” the judges’ world when the blind audition has ended. I hope they do powerful renditions of the songs given to them or even those who have been great so far, would give their all. I bet most of them will be hanging on their wireless microphones for a long time.

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