Helix-D: New Beauty Ambassador Linda Ley

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Linda Ley is the epitome of contentment, of confidence, exuding an aura of tranquility and quiet strength. The former businesswoman and now full-time homemaker and philanthropist brings lightness to the room and, devoid of any airs, carries with her an infectious joviality that easily rubs off on everyone.

Not too long ago, Linda was a actively involved in business. However, being a wife and a mother to three kids was of top priority. Thus, Linda the entrepreneur had to take a back seat so that Linda the homemaker could take over. And it was a role that she took on with open arms as it gave her the chance to bond with her family, which she considers her real treasure.

Helix-D Linda Ley

“I love to cook and prepare gourmet meals for them,” Linda reveals. “I prepare everything before I leave the house and keep in constant touch with them.” She says she enjoys asking her kids what they’d like to eat on a given day, offering them a variety of menu options. “I make them chose between selection 1 and selection 2,” she shares.

These days, now that her children have grown and are of age, Linda is often seen at charities, events and society affairs. She takes most pride in her involvement with Angels to Street Kids, a non-profit organization that was founded some five years ago.

“Through Angels to Street Kids, we are able to organize feeding programs to underprivileged kids in Taguig, Tondo, and other depressed areas,” Linda shares. “We also visit various homes for the aged and cancer-stricken kids.”

Even as she is busy — her calendar as of late gets more hectic, balancing her charity work with family duties — Linda makes it a point to spend some ”me time” to recharge and pamper herself. She distinctly recalls what her mom would always tell her: “You always have to look good everywhere you go as you’ll never know who you’re going to bump into!” It’s a piece of advice that she follows faithfully to this day.

“I don’t go for trends,” says Linda, when asked to describe her personal style. She goes for a classic, uncomplicated look and believes in the importance of wearing age-appropriate clothes.

Helix-D Eye Serum

For her beauty regimen, Linda makes sure to watch what she eats and indulges only in moderation. Also essential for her is getting the right amount of sleep — eight hours or more a day. And as she hardly has the time with her busy schedule to visit the dermatologist regularly, she uses Helix-D, a beauty skincare breakthrough that is rich in water-magnet hydrators and anti-oxidants that reduce fine lines and dark circles and provides all day moisturizing and skin hydration. “With daily use, I can see it how it has helped my skin a lot,” she beams.

Helix-D Face Serum

And unlike, perhaps, most women her age, Linda has learned to embrace aging without hesitation. “Personally, I want to age gracefully. I would prefer that people say, ‘you look great for your age’ or ‘you look elegant.’ It’s about being comfortable with yourself and having that inner glow,” she says.

Indeed, for the women of today, achieving that inner glow — coupled with a feeling of fulfillment and bliss — is now well within reach. It is very much possible to maintain the right balance — raising a family, pursuing your passion while taking care of one’s self — all it takes is a positive outlook, living right, and a little help from the latest in skincare.

The Helix-D Face & Neck Serum and Helix-D Eye Serum are available at the beauty section of the SM Stores in SM Aura, SM Makati, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA and SM Mall of Asia. For more information, visit helix-d.com.

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