Independence for your Elderly

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We all know that once we reach a certain “old” age, chances are, we became weak and sometimes senile at an early stage. It can’t be helped, growing old is inevitable. Though things we usually do now might not be same when we grow older, we can still prove to ourselves that we can be as independent as ever. Others with medical conditions might not be as free to move up and about, but with a little help from us and objects/gadgets/tools that can support them, they can be mobile too.

It’s sad to see your parents just spending time on the couch or bed while watching television the whole day. We are used to seeing them active now but time will come when even getting up from the bed will be a huge task.

Good thing there are companies like Parent Giving continuously “inventing” or “creating” elderly care products such as powered wheelchairs, stair lifts, mobility scooters and even bed safety rails for king size bed. These could greatly help an elderly move around the house with ease.

bed safety rails for king size bed

Imagine yourself growing older and gray and having a hard time getting up from your bed. Now, you don’t need to yell for help because you can just hold on to the bed rail without assistance. Go down to the nearby powered wheelchair and eat breakfast with the rest of the family. In the bathroom, there’s a hand/towel rail to hold on to, to avoid slipping or support you. You can sit down on a stool and take your daily bath. If your house has stairs and your room is on the second floor, you can have a stair lift installed, so you can go up and down while on your wheel chair.

There are some elderly who doesn’t want to lose their independence and freedom. They say that “I just grew old but I’m not an invalid” or things like – “I don’t need you! I can attend to myself!”. Don’t be sad or be mad at them, these are the times when they needed us most but just don’t want to be a nuisance or a burden. We need to understand what they are going through because in a few years time, it will be our turn.

Independence is a huge thing for all of us, well, unless you are used to being served and to doing nothing. Elderly people need this too because they would feel useless and truly old if they don’t move and do something. My dead aunt used to say – ” I feel useless because you treat me like a baby!”.

We love our “oldies” and for sure, we don’t want them to be sad and pity themselves. Let’s do everything we can to help ease their sorrows and pains, to let them live their lives still, so they will be happy for the rest of their remaining years.

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