70-piece Jennifer Lopez X Inglot Collection to #GlowLikeJLo

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Jennifer Lopez collaborated with Inglot for a 70-piece limited edition makeup collection that was launched last July 24th at the SM MEGA Fashion Hall. The Inglot JLo collection promises that authentic JLo glow or to #GlowLikeJLo when her lippies, bronzers, highlighters, eyeshadows, and lashes are used.

70-piece Jennifer Lopez X Inglot Collection #GlowLikeJLo

“The Jennifer Lopez capsule collection is filled with JLo’s go-to beauty products in her favorite colors. It also includes the Inglot signature “Freedom System Palette” which allows women to create their own personalized makeup combination,” said the Laverne sisters.

70-piece Jennifer Lopez X Inglot Collection #GlowLikeJLo

Inglot local ambassadors graced the event such as Andi Eigenmann and Sarah Lahbati who were named as the women of Inglot Philippines. Both Andi and Sarah have the guts and sassiness of JLo and a free vibe which is what Inglot stands for.

Women of Inglot Philippines Jennifer Lopez X Inglot Collection #GlowLikeJLo

Andi said that outside of showbiz, she is a very simple person and her new more laid back lifestyle no longer involves a lot of cosmetics. Andi said “I don’t need a stash of makeup just to get one or two shades that I want. So, it makes sense for me to buy Inglot not only because of its quality but because it has a freedom palette that allows me to have all my favorite colors and makeup in just one case”.

For Sarah, she is a fan of Inglot because it’s known worldwide as “The Healthy Makeup”. She said, “I love that Inglot is cruelty-free and paraben-free. It’s guaranteed to be safe on the skin – even during pregnancy! I feel so inspired to learn that JLo and I share the same philosophy in choosing the brands that we use. I am passionate about representing strong femininity and being fearless in facing life”.

70-piece Jennifer Lopez X Inglot Collection #GlowLikeJLo

Invited guests were also treated to a feature of the 5 iconic JLo looks created by the Inglot Affiliated Makeup artist Jim Ryan Ros with professional models and beauty queens as her muses.

Background of Inglot
Inglot was named after its creator, Polish entrepreneurial chemist Wojciech Inglot who started with a small pharmacy during the communist era. After the fall of communism in Poland, he bought his own chemical equipment and embarked on the formulation of breathable nail polish.

Inglot’s breathable nail polish project led him to discover the world of cosmetics. His interest in shifting his attention to the manufacture of makeup was further bolstered in his visit in the US where he saw how big cosmetics business was.

Inglot in the Philippines
Inglot stands as one of the most successful makeup companies in the world and made even bigger with its exclusive collaboration with JLo. It was brought to the Philippines by the Laverne Luxe Group composed of sisters Michelle Laverne Lim-Gankee, Hazel Laverne Lim-Lee Hok, and Pauline Lavern Lim.

70-piece Jennifer Lopez X Inglot Collection #GlowLikeJLo

The much talked about 70-piece cosmetic collection of Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Lopez is now available in the Philippines! The JLo collection by Inglot cosmetics will be available starting July 25, 2018, online at www.inglotphilippines.com and at Inglot stores located at Trinoma, Glorietta 3, Sm Mall of Asia and Sm Megamall.

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