March 2013 Issue of Vogue – Beyonce Knowles on the Cover

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Ain’t it awesome to get featured on the cover of a magazine more so if it’s a popular mag like Vogue? Well, I’d take that chance if I were given one! I can’t say Beyonce Knowles is lucky, for she has graced many other mag covers before this March 2013 issue of Vogue.

March 2013 Issue of Vogue - Beyonce Knowles on the Cover

She’s hot, uber sexy and oh so pretty. Men will be swarming and grabbing this copy for sure. I like her and I kinda envy her perfect physique and wishing that I have any one part of her body that could make men whistle at me, lol.

I wonder if she has a personal trainer or she goes to the gym religiously, though I know her schedules are so hectic. The clothes she wear are so beautiful and when she wants to be elegant, she can be one. Me, I only know how to shop novation ultranova and play that synthesizer as my exercise routine, lol.

So, grab your copy now and check out her bootylicious body!

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5 thoughts on “March 2013 Issue of Vogue – Beyonce Knowles on the Cover

  1. She looks fantastic!1 I think she & her hubby are going to be wonderful parents. She sure does look great!!

  2. I absolutely loved this issue of Vogue. Her dress that she is wearing on the cover of the magazine is fantastic!

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