Love-Hate Nicki Minaj

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I actually don’t know her prior to being a judge in American Idol. Hated her during the auditions but now loving her “intelligence” as one of the judges. I thought she was mean but then she’s just pushing the contestants to their limits so that they’ll give their very best in each presentation. Though there were instances when she was all mouthy and I don’t like her for that. Unlike Mariah Carey, who’s ever so careful with what she wants to say and so damn feminine and who would never hurt a fly.

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One thing I like about Nicki is how she dresses up for any occasion and her style. She has her own and can’t be compared to stars like Madonna and Lady Gaga. She’s pretty too, though I’m not sure if she had some cosmetic surgery done, pardon me if she’s all original.

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I know she’s a great singer-rapper but really haven’t heard any of her songs, funny right? Or I might have but just didn’t recognize it hahaha.. She must have been using the best audio mixer coz her voice is like that of a child.. no pun intended.

Anyway, if this season of American Idol will be another hit and Nicki is catapulted to stardom just like what happened to Adam Levine, congratulations to her.

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6 thoughts on “Love-Hate Nicki Minaj

  1. I do like Nicki Minaj, I think she’s a great singer with a lot of style. COngratulations to her!

  2. I love Nicki Minaj’s music but I am not sure about her attitude. There was a show on MTV that I watched about her and she seemed pretty nice then but I always hear about her giving attitude to other people. Maybe she’s just defending herself and we only hear of one side of the story..I also love her wardrobe and hair =)

  3. The younger generation love her. I think it’s great that she is her own individual person. Hey she’s making the big bucks!!

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