Online Store Coming Soon!

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I’m so excited because things are falling into place. In a few days *crossing fingers* the online store I promised will be live and ready to take your orders, hehehe. I just hope that I can get all the other products in time for the opening. But if not, hope you won’t be disappointed with the few items that I have.

This is one of my dreams, to be able to put an online store. I already mentioned in one of my posts that I used to have a boutique unfortunately we closed it due to some personal reasons. Now that I’m always online, I told my husband that I want to continue what I have started offline. He asked if I can still handle the pressure and I said YES!

In preparation for this new venture, I bought a clock *lol*. What is it for? To remind me that time is precious and that I do need to manage my time. I actually placed it on my work table so that every time I look at it, would remind me that I need to hurry and wrap things up as quickly as possible. I thought of buying one of those sundials that I see online but I would be just staring at it’s beauty and won’t be able to finish any task,lol.

Anyway, I haven’t finished uploading all the photos yet but I do hope that it will be ready very soon. I will invite you all when things are in it’s proper places. I do hope you’ll visit me when it’s up! 🙂

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