Pamper My Feet: FitFlop Flare Pebble Sandal Review

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This is a long delayed post coz I got this Flare Pebble FitFlops a few months ago. I just got so busy with work and other company reviews, so this got shoved off for sometime.

FitFlop Pebble Flare Sandal Review

They’re so gorgeous and I’m sure you’ll agree with me, right? I especially like the back strap coz it’s different from the typical FitFlops plus oh my, the glimmering rhinestones/crystals made it look more elegant.

FitFlop Flare Pebble Sandal Review

You can definitely wear it either with casual clothes or semi-formal dresses, of course depending on where you’re going and what kind of occasion you’re attending. I remembered one time I visited Solaire Resort & Casino and the guard told me I can’t enter simply because I’m wearing “slippers” lol..

Anyway, FitFlops are known to help relieve joint stress with their Microwobbleboard technology, so you won’t get leg muscle aches and uber tired feet after a long walk. Believe me, I’ve tried it many times, imagine window shopping in Mega Mall from one building to another and all floors, lol. If I was wearing a different type of sandal, I would have given up midway and went home with aching and bruised soles.

Usually with this kind of slip-on style, you’ll get marks and reddened abrasions on your feet, but thanks to its soft microfiber interior lining, no marks at all!

It’s light with ultra-cushioned triple-density midsoles, you’ll definitely love to wear them.. always…

FitFlop Flare Pebble Sandal Review

Here’s a photo of me wearing them during an event. Just don’t mind the rest of the body lol and look how lovely they were on my feet.

The Price? Php P4990 or about $115. A little expensive for a mom like me but thanks to my sponsor who shall not be named (*wink*), I’m enjoying my walkathon slash window shopping slash shopping every time I’m wearing it.

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  1. I am not a slipper or flip flop wearer myself so I would not get these for myself, maybe for my mother. Thank you for this review.

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