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What do you do when you’re starting to feel that your body is becoming weak because of unhealthy lifestyle? Will you continue to abuse your body or look for ways to bring it back in tip-top shape? I’m sure you don’t want to get sick nor die young, thus a more positive answer would be a change of lifestyle, right?

I’ve come across a lot of products related to health and wellness and you’ll be surprised that there are a ton out in the market which can truly help you regain your once healthy bod. It’s just a matter of choosing which suits your taste buds and your budget, for there are a myriad of all-natural products for you and me.

Pillars 5

One of the companies I’ve chanced upon recently catering to delivering all-natural products is Pillars 5 Inc. It aims to foster health and wellness by bringing in all-natural food supplements that help the body to rebuild its immune system and restore it back to optimal health.

Through Pillars 5’s network of home-based entrepreneurs, the company’s passion for bringing back health to people has helped not only those in need to get back their lives from all the unhealthy practices, but also those people who have a dream of building their own businesses and achieve financial freedom. Pillars 5 is not shy to say that they are a multi-level marketing (MLM) company and it has been a big challenge for them, to differentiate themselves from most MLM companies and also to expunge the negative preconceived notions on the industry.

Pillars 5 All Natural Products

“We strive for consistency in what we say and do; staying focused on the company’s vision; staying true to our core values. Over time, this is how people will perceive us differently from the rest of the pack,” Mr. Garcia notes. “We differentiate ourselves from the rest by explaining how we do things differently, i.e., affordable entry into the business, product emphasis, no hard selling, no false claims and promises, no hype.”

Pillars 5 Executive Group
Karla D. De Pala, Chief Operations Officer; Gertrudes T. Glissman, Chief Marketing Officer; Andrew D. Trogen, Chief Entrepreneurial Development Officer; Jimmy G. Fabregas, Director for Special Projects; Tony Cheng of Life Enzyme Village, Jaylyn P. Trogen, Chief Network Sales Development Officer; Seated at center, Ramon F. Garcia, Chairman and CEO.

The Pillars 5 business is well-founded on products that are made from all-natural ingredients that can give people peace of mind on their usage of them. Unlike synthetic food supplements in the market, Pillars 5 food supplements come from whole foods. Because they are whole-foods based, the activities of the nutrients in their ingredients are kept intact to complement the natural mechanisms of the human body so that the cells in the body can use these nutrients readily.

Pillars 5 Life Enzyme Food Supplement

Headlining their product line-up is Life Enzyme, a multi-nutrient supplement. It is sourced from 150 fruits, vegetables, and herbs that have been fermented for 365 days. This process magnifies the nutrients in these ingredients and through the beauty of biotechnology, makes them bio-available to the body. It is produced in Taiwan by their partner, Enzyme Village.

Pillars 5 Nutrishuz Veggie Drink

Nutrishuz is a delicious veggie drink ideal for people who are always on the go – an energy booster and contains ingredients good at detoxifying and strengthening the immune system. Even kids rave about it.

Pillars 5 My TLC Essential Oils

My TLC Essential Oils, on the other hand, is an aromatherapy product. A great home remedy for common ailments, it is applied topically or inhaled, and is a must to carry in your bag or pocket. It is powerful because it already makes use of the very essence of a plant in addressing health issues.

The Souq Moroccan Argan Oil is sourced from Morocco, comes purely from the Argan nut, and undergoes pressing from organically certified operations. It is beauty product that rejuvenates the skin, hair, and nails.

Pillars 5 Health and Wellness Products

Their customers give all positive feedback but Mr. Garcia constantly reminds that their products are not cures or treatments for illnesses, but emphasized what Pillars 5 products do very well, “to rebuild and restore.” We help rebuild the immune system so that the immune system will restore the person back to optimal health. Our body is the intelligent healer, not the products. What our products do is give the body what it needs to heal and repair itself.”

Pillars 5 is a company that provides an opportunity not only for those who would want to regain their optimal health back, but also for those who would want to build on their dreams. The road will definitely not be easy, as they face many challenges in building each other’s dreams while at the same time helping change an unhealthy world. Challenges can be met and inspiration ripples through others, motivating them to push on. “We are in the throes of a health revolution and we want to lead it,” Mr. Garcia says.

Pillars 5 Inc.
407 West Tower, Tektite Towers, Exchange Road
Pasig, Philippines
Phone: 6356566, 6356568
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pillars5
Website : www.pillars5.com.

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