Robbie Williams Love for Online Games

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Robbie Williams is one of the biggest music names ever to come from the UK. As we all know, he was in the award winning band “Take that”, Robbie has been breaking our hearts for the last 26 years. Known worldwide for his many talents, Robbie has won more BRIT Awards than any other artist.

Robbie Williams

Robbie left the band to start his solo career and launched a mega-successful solo singing career which saw his first seven albums each reach number one in the UK. Williams also released seven number-one singles and even had a stint in acting.

However, Robbie Williams, British singer, is said to be a huge fan of online bingo game. He is a keen housie participant that loves to take part in the online game competitions. Robbie loves playing it and even takes part in Hollywood competitions, donating his winnings to charity. His fondness for the game can also be witnessed from one of his music videos for the song “feel” where he is seen coming out of a bingo hall.

His love for such online games is such that there was a controversy that he has started an online gaming site. Rumors even have that, he had taken part in the Breast Cancer Charity bingo game, where he won a prize of an expensive print designer handbag which he donated to the charity.

There are many other celebrities as well that love playing online games which you can find from Betway bingo but Robbie’s unwavering love for our favorite game is the most obvious one.

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