Shopee 6.6 Super Flash Sale

Shopee 6.6 Super Flash Sale
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Shopee-holics, rejoice! Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, launches 6.6 Super Flash Sale to provide users with greater convenience and cost savings for their everyday needs. Filipinos can look out for deals as low as ₱6, free shipping with ₱0 minimum spend, and prizes worth over ₱1.3 million. Running from May 18 to June 6, 2020, shoppers can look forward to a fun and entertaining shopping experience for the coming days before the big sale.

Here are six reasons why users should look forward to Shopee 6.6 Super Flash Sale:A total of ₱1.3 million prizes to be given away
Shopee is taking it up a notch by giving away a total of ₱1.3 million in cash.  On June 6, users can double their chances of winning big cash prizes when they pre-register on Shopee’s microsite, tune in to Wowowin via Shopee Live and join the Shopee Shake game.

  • Flash deals as low as ₱6 and exclusive discounts on selected products
    Users can redeem flash deals every ten minutes and enjoy a variety of items at huge discounted prices, including up to 60% off selected home appliances, up to 50% off running shoes and up to 60% off personal care items. 
Shopee 6.6 Super Flash Sale
  • Shoppers can purchase high-value items for only ₱6 such as the ACE SL-24″ TV-3.5A Ultra-Slim LED-220 Television, a Seagate 1TB Hard Drive, and The Platinum Junior Lite DVD Karaoke with Free Wireless Microphone.
  • Free shipping with ₱0 minimum spend to ease delivery costs
    On June 6, users can shop more of their favorite products with free shipping with ₱0 minimum spend on all-flash deals as well as from selected stores.
Shopee 6.6 Super Flash Sale
  • Up to ₱1000 off when paying with ShopeePay on D-Day
    On June 6, users can get up to ₱1000 off from their purchases when they use ShopeePay as their mode of payment. ShopeePay is Shopee’s integrated e-wallet and payment feature that allows users to store funds and pay for purchases with e-money on Shopee seamlessly, conveniently, and securely. Shoppers can check out for more details on special deals and promotions with ShopeePay here ( 
  • Exclusive promotions from leading brands
    Users can enjoy exclusive discounts ranging from 20% to 50% off from leading brands such as Wyeth, Unilever Beauty, Shigetsu, L’Oreal Paris, Maybelline, P&G Home, and Nestle.
Shopee 6.6 Super Flash Sale
  • Newly-launched in-app games: Shopee Poly and Shopee Claw
    Users can have a great time with in-app games such as Shopee Claw and Shopee Poly where they can redeem prizes and earn Shopee coins.

    Shopee Claw is inspired by the favorite arcade claw machine whereby Shopee users can use a claw to pick up prizes. These include Shopee coins, ShopeePay discount vouchers, a pair of Airpods, and an iPhone 11.

    Shopee Poly lets users throw a dice to determine the number of steps they will take. They either lose or earn points depending on the spot they land on. Players have a chance to win Shopee coins, cashback vouchers, ShopeePay discount vouchers, as well as special prizes including a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and a Realme C2 Smartphone.
Shopee 6.6 Super Flash Sale

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  1. kaabang abang nanaman to,lots of amazing deals nnaman kay Shopee.will surely check this.Im so excited to shop 🙂

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