The Absence Of Light

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After creating the heavens and the Earth, the next thing that was created was light. The absence of light will leave everyone in total darkness. That light was even divided into two, one to light the day by way of the sun and the other to light the night by way of the moon. Light was first created before any living thing was put on Earth because it is not happiness at all to be living in darkness. Besides, light and darkness are opposite and synonymous with good and bad.

A community without streetlights at night is a place that is not welcoming for those who are friendly. Most likely, the bad guys are the ones who love the idea because they are able to go to and fro without being caught should they decide to do maliciously. A house that is also always dark is also a temptation for those crooked people who can see your dark domain as an opportunity for them to steal and go away without being caught. Evil lurks in darkness and unless you are one of them who are evil you would not want to be associated with them or be a victim of them. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

Small Chandeliers

Light should not be expensive, though, if that is what you are thinking, and the reason you are living in darkness is because you are trying to save or holding on to your precious money and yet neglecting something important. You can have wall lighting and┬ásmall chandeliers if you want to, or just a simple lamp every few feet away. If you can have different lighting strength, the better so you can choose to subdue or have it as bright light when needed. If you have glass windows where the sun’s rays pass through, it is also a good source of light during the day without having to spend on electricity.

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