UNIQLO Jeans Collection in Modern Silhouettes

Uniqlo Womens Mid Rise Relaxed Tapered Ankle Jeans
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A pair of jeans is a wardrobe essential that you can mix and match for the day’s trendy outfit. It’s always on-trend, versatile whether you want to look polished and sophisticated or just casual. It’s just a matter of what top you are going to pair it with, and oh, of course, the shoes that match the overall look.

To achieve this goal to create clothes that make life better, the UNIQLO Jeans Innovation Center was founded in Los Angeles, the global hub for information on jeans, in 2016. There, specialists are brought together to research and develop the highest quality jeans using state-of-the-art facilities. Made with the best fit and fabrics at the Jeans Innovation Center, UNIQLO introduces its jeans lineup this season providing comfort to Filipinos anytime, anywhere.


Women’s U Wide Fit Curve Jeans

Uniqlo Womens U Wide Fit Curve Jeans

The Women’s U Wide Fit Curve Jeans highlights the silhouette of the body with its waist to foot curves. Available in jersey, denim, and cotton, it flatters the figure giving a feminine touch to any look. This piece was created in UNIQLO’s Paris atelier led by artistic director Christophe Lemaire and a team of international designers.

Men’s U Wide Fit Tapered Jeans

Uniqlo Men’s U Wide Fit Tapered Jeans

Best paired with oversized tops, the Men’s U Wide Fit Tapered Jeans feature a wide silhouette and high rise cut offering a trendy look. These are the perfect jeans for casual occasions with its relaxed and laid-back feel.

Men’s Regular Fit Jeans

The Men’s Regular Fit Jeans have a relaxed hip area and tapered silhouette that gives a comfortable fit. This piece elevates a casual denim look with its sophisticated and classic style.

Uniqlo Mens Regular Fit Jeans

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