Unique Wedding Bands for Men

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So, hubby lost his wedding ring a few weeks ago and you bet I was furious! But then, that got me thinking, I hate the style of my ring and I so want to have a new one. It’s a good thing right, that he suddenly lost it coz now I have a chance to choose a new ring, lol.

I really wanted one like below and would really make me happy to wear it.

Eternity Ring

The idea got me so excited that I am looking for stylish and affordable ones that would fit nice on our hands. It doesn’t have to be expensive coz if he loses it again, I’m gonna wring his neck, lol.

In my search, I came upon several sites but nothing fancy and I didn’t like a thing, though their selections are so adorable. Then I got to this site jewelryvortex.com for men’s wedding bands and I could see so many unique styles that I want most of them. Sad thing is, their rings are all for men but there’s a 6 size, so if I really like what I see and the budget can accommodate it, I’ll probably get 2 even though it’s only for men.

Here are a few that really swept me off my feet though a bit pricey for us.

14K Yellow Gold Princess Bezel Set Diamond Wedding Bands

 Matching His and Hers 14K White Gold Diamond Wedding Bands

I browsed and they also have pair wedding bands and they are oh so lovely! 🙂

14K Tri Color His and Hers Wedding Band Set

14K Two Tone Matching Heart Wedding Band Set

I love all of the above but it would break my husband’s heart and bank account if he gets any of those.

So, I got to content myself with these rings below and surely hoping that I will get what I want in due time.

14k Tri-Color Wedding Band

Woven Handmade 14K TriColor Gold Band

Liked what you see above? Tell me which one you would love to wear in the comment section below!

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10 thoughts on “Unique Wedding Bands for Men

  1. Wow. These are super nice. If i get married, I would love to find something like this and something for me that matches. I do hear that most men don’t wear their rings however, especially if they work outside a lot. I don’t think I would let my man out of the house to play with this ring on! Thanks.

  2. These rings are gorgeous! I really like the ring in the third picture down. I prefer white gold or platinum to yellow gold. Since thats what I like, my man has to have matching gold colors! I also like that they have matching pair wedding bands!

  3. I need to check out that site. I pretty much like them all. My husband wouldn’t go for anything but a plain band. I like the bling.

  4. I totally love the last one. It’s so pretty and very very unique. My husband hates wearing his ring and I told him for our 10th anniversary, we’ll get new wedding bands. haha!

  5. I LOVE the one you picked for yourself, but the others just would’t do for my husband. In fact, he refuses to wear one altogether (not that that is a problem for me). He just doesn’t wear any jewelry – not even a watch! And never has.

  6. Absolutely stunning! I just love the Tri-Color with Diamond in the middle. I was just over to their site & their prices are reasonable. they have fantastic jewelry there!!

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