Wishing for a Samsung 2View Dual LCD Camera

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Why do I need a smaller camera? Let me count the reasons:
• I need a camera because I love attending blogging events
• I love capturing every moment I spend with my friends
• I just love taking pictures of myself and my loved ones.

Actually, I already have a camera which I use for those purposes. However, I want one which I can bring anywhere without breaking my shoulder bag straps and my shoulder as well because it’s oh so heavy, lol. But if you know me, I want to get one for free! So when I learned that Samsung is giving away 2 of its latest 2View cameras through Facebook, I couldn’t pass up on the chance. The newly launched 2View series is composed of 3 models, the ST700, PL170 and PL120. This series boast of the latest in the point-and-shoot technology of Samsung and that is the dual LCD feature. This feature sure does make taking self-portraits, which I happen to enjoy so much, a breeze.

Well, I did say that the SamsungCamerasPH is being given away for free, right? But before I go into the nitty-gritty of the mechanics, I want share this video to all of you just to give you an idea of how cool this gadget is:

I also want to share with you some of the amazing features of this camera as made possible by its dual LCD screens, the first of which is the Child Mode. I have two boys, the youngest being 3 so you can only imagine how hard it is to get them to pose for pictures. But with this feature, I would be able to download a cartoon or create my own animation which my kids can look at while I’m taking their pictures! Of course, when they see something they enjoy playing right before their eyes as I take their picture, they would be able to give me their most natural smile!

 Samsung 2View Dual LCD Camera

Another feature is the Jump Shot feature. Let’s face it. Taking jump shots can be frustrating. Sometimes the shot goes off just when the jumpers have landed safely back on solid ground. But with this feature, there is a visual countdown timer on the front screen which will let the jumpers know when to jump before the shot goes off. Cool, huh?

 Samsung 2View Dual LCD Camera

Now, how can I, and you for that matter, win this very intelligent Samsung 2View? Like I said earlier, the contest is on-going at the Samsung Camera Ph Facebook Fan Page and here’s how we all can join:

1. Like and Share the Samsung Camera fan page to your friends.

2. Type “Win Samsung 2View Cameras by liking and sharing @Samsung Cameras PH” in your status message box. Don’t forget to tag the Samsung Camera fan page!
3. All tagged entries will be raffled off, where two (2) lucky fans get a chance to win a Samsung 2View Camera – (ST500)!
The promo period is from May 15, 2011 – May 30, 2011 so we still have a few days left to join the fun!

 Samsung 2View Dual LCD Camera

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