Wishing to Start a Simple but Beautiful Garden?

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Do you want your own garden and be hands-on with it? Do you already have the basic tools necessary to begin? Well, read on and let us enlighten you a bit on how to start from scratch.

We have different reasons for starting a garden. Some would say they need something to focus on to forget problems temporarily. Others have tried their hands with the neighbor’s backyard gardens and found out that they have “green thumbs”, thus wishing to have their own. Most would say that they turned organic and would want to grow their own small plantation of crops and vegies to supplement day to day meals.

Basic Gardening Tools

Whatever your reasons are, here are some basic tips to get you started:

  • Ask yourself the sole purpose of starting a garden. Also if you can handle tinkering and on the ground almost every day and if this is a short or long term plan.
  • Then, think about what you want to grow. Does flowers make you happy seeing their beautiful colours thus lets you forget the rest of the world temporarily? Or, you’d rather grow crops and vegetables to help save money for groceries and you want to eat really freshly-picked food?
  • When you’ve finally realized what you want to achieve and grow, you need to draw up a simple plan based on what you want – flowers or vegetables.
  • The Sun is a big plus factor yet can also ruin some crops which doesn’t need sun rays. So, you need to oversee which needs it and which doesn’t and plant them wherever appropriate.
  • The Soil is also a big factor for growing plants and crops successfully. If you are just a beginner who doesn’t know a thing, we suggest you take a sample and bring it to your nearest gardening professional.
  • Some basic tools are needed such as trowel, fork, water can, gloves. spade, shears, scissors, hose and garden cart. You don’t have to buy those professional equipments from the nearby industrial supply company. Not yet, unless you want to branch out and set-up a gardening business.
  • When all is set and prepared, do your thing!

What’s listed above are my personal opinion and I was once a beginner in gardening too. Let’s hope it will be successful so you can say to yourself – I’m proud of what I have accomplished!

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44 thoughts on “Wishing to Start a Simple but Beautiful Garden?

  1. We’ve planted herb and vegetables. I’ve put in roses, lilies and magnolia. It does take a lot to keep up it yearly. You have some very valid points.

  2. Since moving to a house with my son and husband, I have been thinking about starting a garden. Well, two. One with all flowers and one with vegetables. I’ve never really kept up with plants in the past but I am hoping I do better this time around.

  3. Samut, good start but there’s a lot more to gardening. Sunlight I agree is a major factor, too much and you will scorch your cold season crops like lettuce, broccoli and cabbage, too little and your yeild will be small for your tomatoes, squash and beans and your plants will be under stress thus opening them up to a mirrad of pests and diseases. Take it from someone who has learned the hard way.

  4. I realized long ago that I just am not a garden person, particularly as I live in a condo in the city and am limited to a small balcony and pots. I even killed a rosemary plant and a Mother-in-Law plant. Now, I have only one plant at a time – usually an herb that isn’t expensive and I can get use out of for cooking a couple of times before it expires.

  5. I ,love these tips!! we had started a small vegetable garden last year. It took off pretty good. but as always it ended up being neglected & over grown. The first tip was the one we didn’t ask our selves is “Why”….

  6. Thank you for these great tips. I think I wold grow two separate gardens, a flower garden and a vegetable garden.

  7. I have always wanted a herb garden. I think I might need to start thinking about these tips. I am scared of worms. That might my biggest problem.

  8. We love to garden and have just started planting food to eat in our small yard. We do have flowers planted for color to its all so pretty we enjoy it all summer long into winter.

  9. Although this is an older post it’s that time of year again. These are all fantastic tips for gardening. Wish i knew about your blog a few years back maybe my garden would have survived.

  10. I love gardening since I was a kid. For now I don’t have the chance to have my own big garden, so recently I’ve just started my mini garden on balcony with some veggies and aromatic herbs.
    Your advices are really useful for beginners.

  11. We have grown vegetables with success. I followed the Jerry Baker guide and had a six foot high tomato plant. Strangers would stop by to comment on it.

  12. We have been doing a garden now for over 5 years, my girls love it and It also teaches them a bit of science

  13. I really wanted to have one but the thing is, I’m not gifted with a green thumb. I’d rather not do it than hurt the plants unless otherwise I’d have my own gardener hehe!

  14. Hubby built us a raised garden bed…. my little girl emptied a pack of tomato seeds somewhere. All of a sudden I have way too many tomato plants growing in my garden bed. I had to thin them out cause there was too many. I still have about 10 plants out there that are exploding with fruits. Ha-ha, I guess she has a greener thumb than I do!

  15. This is the first year I’ve attempted to garden. I started small….I’ve got a garden box herb garden. I’m hoping to branch out next spring and try for tomatoes and green peppers. Also trying to get some blueberries going.,

  16. I would love to have my own garden so I’m planning for when I’m no longer in an apartment.

  17. I didnt do my usual vegetable garden this year. Too many things going on this past summer. But I will use this information for next year. I do have a flower garden though.

  18. I have a little garden in the back yard that is so precious to me.I have spent countless hours out there admiring my flowers and planting vegetables that I reap in the fall.I feel so happy and peaceful when I am working in my garden.

  19. I don’t know if we’ll have a garden this year. It takes a lot of work. Also, our oak tree shades a large portion of the yard.

  20. When we moved into our house I planted several rose bushes. I also planted lily, lilac and magnolia. It smells wonderful and attracts hummingbirds.

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