Monthly Archives: March 2011

Feeling Cozy and Warm the Perfect Way

If you live in a country with very cool climate, summer is virtually unfelt. Even if the sun is shining way up in the sky, the wind still has the tendency to be chilly in such places. Thus, your summer clothes are often rendered useless. But does that mean you have to wear your winter

Online Store Coming Soon!

I’m so excited because things are falling into place. In a few days *crossing fingers* the online store I promised will be live and ready to take your orders, hehehe. I just hope that I can get all the other products in time for the opening. But if not, hope you won’t be disappointed with

Fashionable Tops

I’ve recently discovered a treasure,lol and I just wanna share it here. Along with the birth of my online store that I have been wishing to accomplish since the start of the year. Note that, for a start, this blog isn’t your typical e-store but I’m getting there, almost. But first, lemme introduce you to